Guardian Angel 3X Match is a campaign that aims to get more unique donors to pledge for our monthly donation program. At the start of a new year, with the main target and purpose are to encourage people to build a resounding resolution and to give back to the community, along with the Chinese New Year celebration in February 2022.


RM 30

1 x Great Heart Eco Bag

1 x Postcards (Set of 10)

1 x Umbrella

1 x Monthly E-Newsletter

RM 50

1 x Great Heart Eco Bag

1 x Postcards (Set of 10)

1 x Umbrella

1 x Monthly E-Newsletter

1 x Notebook

RM 100 and Above

1 x Great Heart Eco Bag

1 x Postcards (Set of 10)

1 x Umbrella

1 x Monthly E-Newsletter

1 x Notebook

1 x Great Heart Plush Toy


1. What is Guardian Angel 3X Match?

Guardian Angel 3X Match is a campaign that aims to recruit for monthly recurring donor aka guardian angel with the benefit of having the donation amount matched and TRIPLED for the first month.

2. What kind of payment methods are accepted?

For the monthly donation program, we only accept Credit Card or Debit Card.

3. Will my donations impact be tripled for every month I have subscribed to?

Your donations impact will be tripled i.e RM100 to RM300 for the very FIRST month and will resume back to the original amount you registered for the next months.

4. How much will my donation be amplified?

Each donor will get the donation matched up to maximum of RM200.00 per donor. RS Wines & Spirits provided maximum funds up to RM20,000.00 to support this campaign.

5. Why are there set amount? Can I donate other amount?

There is no set amount you may donate. To receive the complimentary pack, the minimum donation is RM30 which you will receive the RM30 complimentary pack as stated on the website.

6. Will I receive the complimentary pack every month my donation goes through?

No, you will only receive the complimentary pack once per sign-up.

7. Am I eligible for the 3x match if I donate one-off?

Guardian Angel 3X Match is a sole campaign targeted for our I am Guardian Angel program where it is a monthly donation program so only sign-ups that participate under the program are eligible to receive the 3x matching amount.

8. Why is it recommended to sign-up for monthly donation instead of one-time donation?

It makes budgeting for our charity program more manageable and creates stability in order for us to sustain our programs for a longer period of time.

9. Can I register for this campaign under my company?

Yes you may! Any individuals or organizations that wish to sign up for the monthly donation program are welcomed. You may also enquire on CSR collaboration by emailing us at [email protected]

10. How will the funds be utilized for this campaign?

As of now, we have 6 main caring targets which will utilise the funds from this campaign with ongoing programs and events that you may view at or our social media.

11. After I sign up, can I cancel my subscription later?

Yes, you are free to cancel at anytime you wish by contacting us via email at [email protected].

12. How do you ensure that my billing information are safe and secure?

We shall take necessary steps to store and process your personal data securely. Reasonable security measures have been implemented to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised access of data . We limit access to your personal data on a need to know basis.

13. I am an existing Guardian Angel donor. Do I get to participate in the campaign?

Yes, you can! You are welcome to sign up to increase your donation amount to the next tier during the campaign period and your donation will be matched by 3 times on the first month. You will also enjoy the benefit of complementary gift pack exclusively for this campaign! All you need to do is drop us an email at trea[email protected] to inform us about your decision.

14. Are there any more things I can do to support this campaign?

Yes, help us to share and spread the words in your social media after you’ve signed up as our Guardian Angel!

15. Will I get a tax-exemption receipt? When will I receive the receipt after signing up?

Yes you will. Persatuan Kasih Sejati (Great Heart Charity Association) is an institution listed under Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia. Hence, all donations above RM 30 are tax exempt under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 from 1 Feb 2019 to 31 Jan 2027. You will receive your receipt via hardcopy and email in the next 2 weeks for us to process your receipt. 

1. 什么是《守护天使3倍配对捐款计划》


2. 接受哪些捐款方式?


3. 我每个月的固定捐款都会增加3倍?

例如:您在第一月的捐款数额为RM100, 我们将以3倍配对成RM300, 接下来的月份将以您在第一月份注册的捐款数额,也就是RM100进行捐款。

4. 我的捐款如何被3倍增加?

RS Wines & Spirits 承诺将加持RM20,000赞助费于这项计划,每个在活动期间注册为每月捐款者的善款将会在第一个捐款的月份增加至3倍,最高的捐款配对额为RM200。

5. 为什么要设定金额?我可以捐赠其他的金额吗?

您可以捐赠任何金额,如要获得免费的礼包,最低捐款为RM30, 如网站所述。

6. 我在每个月的固定捐款都会获得礼包吗?


7. 如果我只进行一次性的捐款,可有资格纳入这个3倍配对捐款计划吗?


8. 为什么建议每月固定捐款而不是一次性捐款?


9. 我可以用公司名义注册这项计划吗?

是的,可以!我们欢迎个人或者组织来注册这项计划。若有兴趣询问企业社会责任的合作事宜,可以发送电邮至 [email protected] 了解更多。

10. 善款将如何被运用?


11. 如果我注册后,可以取消吗?

可以,您可以致电我们或电邮[email protected] 进行取消。

12. 你们如何确保我的账单信息安全?

 我们将采取必要措施安全地存储和处理您的个人数据。 我们将实施合理的安全措施,以防止数据丢失、误用或未经授权的访问。 我们在需要知道的基础上限制对您个人数据的访问。

13. 我已是现有的每月固定捐款者,我还可以参加此活动吗?

当然可以! 欢迎您在活动期间将您的捐款金额增加至下一个等级,而你的捐款金额将会在第一个月份被匹配成3倍的数额。您也将获得此活动专属的耕心礼包! 您只需要发邮件至[email protected] 告知我们您的决定即可。

14. 我还能做些什么来支持这项运动吗?


15. 我可以获得免税收据吗?在什么时候可以收到?

是的,可以。耕心慈善协会是被注册在Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia 的慈善机构。因此,根据1967年所得税法令第44(6)条,在2019年2月1日至2027年1月31日期间,所有RM30 及以上的捐款将获得免税收据。在捐款后的2周内,您会收到我们的电邮获得电子和实体的免税收据。


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