The Determination and Independence coming from the age of 17 Lim Xin Ying parents has been separated since she is a little kid. Few months ago, her father expelled her out from the house due to some argument. She had to make a police report with her friend’s parents and they permitted Lim stay in their house temporarily.

Lim is really an independent girl. Since the ages of 13, she started to work as a waitress in hawker center and bah kut teh restaurant. The reason she needs to work is because she needed to cover her own living expense, and the transportation fee to school.

During the assessment, she insisted she is going to work while studying high school. One of the kind-hearted employer has employed her as an office clerk with the salary of RM800. Another kind-hearted landlord has given her low rental of Rm250 monthly for her room accommodation.

Great Heart Charity will be sponsoring Lim RM250 rental every month and school transportation fee of RM80 that lasted for half year. However, we needed more helping hand to help Lim Xin Ying until she graduated her high school in 2 years’ time.

自小父母离异的林欣莹小妹妹,前些日子因为与父亲争吵而被赶出家门。朋友的母亲带她到警局报警备案,暂时照料她。家庭因素让个性独立坚强的她自初中起就开始打工。周末的肉骨茶档口;放学后的大炒档口,有时凌晨十二点都会看见他打工的身影 。从不喊累也不偷懒,晚上熬夜,白天上课精神不济,因她每月需自己还她的生活费,还有Rm200 上学的交通费。


耕心慈善决定帮助欣莹小妹妹半年的房租RM250和上学的巴士费RM 80 。希望大家可以透过耕心慈善来继续支持她至少2年以上到18岁毕业为止。