Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association (ROS Registration No. PPM-021-10-01072013) is a tax-exempted, non-profit charity association in Malaysia. Our mission is to be a charity platform that connects contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life. We aim to provide assistance to our beneficiaries in two key aspects, in the form of financial aid as well as emotional support, so that they may be able to self-sustain in the long run.

Great Heart Logo

Care in Hand, Love in Heart.

These are the words used to describe the heart in the Great Heart logo, present in all the charity programs we run in the Klang Valley and beyond. Designed in 2011, our simple but distinctive design portrays how each member of the organisation cares for others with their whole heart.

Committee Long Sleeve Shirt & Member Polo-T

The colour white represents successful beginnings, purity, sincerity and humility in thoughts and actions. The long-sleeved committee shirt gives a well-groomed, professional image while the short-sleeved polo-tee gives a young and energetic look.

Heart Heart

Heart Heart is our electric plug mascot with a huge heart, representing the energy we have in our hearts for the community. The three pins on his head represent the contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries who are all connected through Great Heart.


Our mission is to be the charity platform of choice for contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries to connect, making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.

For Contributors

We are here to help the contributors to give charitably and deliver help to their preferred and most needed beneficiaries.

For Beneficiaries

We aim to provide substantial help to people who are less fortunate. Our ultimate goal is to assist them to be self-sustained and be able to contribute back to the society.

For Volunteers

When you think back over your life, you will find that the moments that stood out are moments when you did something to help a person in need.


We embrace 5 values (“HEART” values) which help to define our approach to our charity work.

There is no room for ego in our work. We recognise everyone’s value, are accepting of all, and listen to each voice with an open heart. We strive toward becoming better versions of ourselves and constantly think of ways to achieve our organisation’s mission and vision.


In serving those in need, we embrace the opportunity to show love, mercy, and compassion. This goes beyond our work and towards the lives of friends, families, as well as ourselves. More than social workers, our beneficiaries are our family who we are committed to showing compassion towards.


Passion in charitable giving is a fundamental value for our members. Only passion can drive us to becoming greater, and to achieve beyond what we can imagine. We understand that charity changes not only the beneficiary’s lives, but ours too. Our members have a strong commitment to charitable giving, making a change, and creating impact.


We believe that all people deserve love and good quality of life. In all our work, we respect one’s dignity, uniqueness and worth – you, our beneficiaries, members, volunteers and families.


Transparency is the foundation of our association. We are open and fair in all transactions and the work we do. Every Ringgit and Sen that you contribute goes straight to our charity projects, with our team treating all donations and conversations with dignity and respect.


Great Heart Charity Association (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) provides help based on two key directions:



Many struggle to obtain daily necessities, or lack the funding needed for medical fees or education. With our contribution, we aim to make their lives a little easier.

  • We actively provide resources to those who need them the most, including food as well as daily necessities.

  • We provide funds for disadvantaged people who are going through health difficulties, as well as for those requiring financial assistance to undergo surgery or other medical treatments.

  • We provide scholarships and other educational resources for students who are facing financial difficulty in furthering their studies.



A positive mental well-being is the key to a happier life. We encourage people to stay optimistic and to take care of the mental well-being of underprivileged groups by showing them support and positivity.

  • We actively organise activities for our beneficiaries. These activities include visit to zoos, theme parks, luncheon outings, and others.

  • We frequently post positive messages on our newsletters, Facebook and Instagram.