Support us in style! Make a charitable purchase for yourself, or as a gift for a friend with our merchandise. 100% of our sales will go towards the programmes we run.

耕心慈善推出最新独家设计的一系列商品,欢迎各界善心人士购买自用,或者赠送亲朋戚友作为礼品,能呈献诚意又能消费行善!商品的100% 盈利将会作为运作慈善项目的基金。

Great Heart Tumbler

Price: RM40

Introducing the Great Heart Charity Tumbler – a symbol of elegance with a purpose. Its sleek black design, adorned with the impactful Great Heart Charity logo and the resonant slogan, “Care in Hand, Love at Heart,” makes a bold statement.

This stylish accessory transcends aesthetics, serving as a tangible commitment to spreading kindness and support. With each purchase, you not only acquire a chic tumbler but also contribute to a greater cause.

The funds generated go directly towards initiatives addressing societal challenges, creating a ripple effect of positive change. Carry the Great Heart Charity Tumbler and embody the spirit of philanthropy, where every sip becomes an act of kindness, amplifying the message that with care in hand and love at heart, we can collectively shape a better world.

10th Anniversary Edition Black Gold T-Shirt

Price: RM50

Celebrate a decade of heart and compassion with our exclusive 10th Anniversary T-Shirt. This sporty unisex tee features a stylish heart-shaped print on a black backdrop, embodying simplicity and impact. Crafted for easy movement from high-quality polyester, it seamlessly transitions from casual to active wear. Machine wash cold for easy care.

Size Range: Available in XS-4XL

Charitable Impact:
All proceeds from this merchandise directly contribute to charity initiatives. Wear your heart and support a cause with the Great Heart Charity 10th Anniversary T-Shirt.

Kindness Tote Bag 温情满袋 (Limited Edition)

Price: RM30

Our specially curated tote bag with a warm touch.Discover the well wishes, blessings, and heartwarming doodles from our incredible beneficiaries.

Our values are embodied in H.E.A.R.T – Humility, Empathy, Ardent dedication, Respect, and Transparency.

Heart Heart Plush Toy


Price: RM50

Meet Heart Heart! His head is a plug with three pins, representing our contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries. Connect them together and you have Great Heart’s goal of helping those in need! The heart that he is holding is attached by magnets, making it detachable as well.




Price: RM25

Rain or shine, our umbrella is perfect to keep you protected against the elements. Strong and sturdy, but compact and lightweight, making it easy to store in your bag, home or car glove compartment. The reflective silver makes you visible, and dark red interior keeps the bright sunlight out!




Price: RM10

Our series of postcards come with heart-warming pictures taken at our events and projects of our volunteers, staff and beneficiaries. They are accompanied by quotes that carry messages of charity, kindness and hope. Postcards come in a set of 10 each.




Price: RM30

Exclusively designed just for Great Heart, our notebooks feature some of our favourite quotes which are accompanied by beautiful, simplistic designs. The blank pages give you the space to express yourself and allow you to make the notebook your own. Comes with FREE postcards (set of 10)!