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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
– Winston Churchill

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You may choose to contribute to our programs listed as below and complete the donation online:


Donation: RM50 – RM2000

Lunch Box for the Hungry is a food donation project that aims to feed the hungry, destitute, and poor souls living within the vicinity of Great Heart Community Centre (GHCC) with the hope that it may somehow ease their burden and help change their lives for a better tomorrow. Free lunches will be given out to pre-registered and walk-in clients in the form of prepacked lunch boxes at GHCC on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and this requires RM4,550 every month.


Medical Check Up for the Needy is a program for the underprivileged to receive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for free. Every Wednesday, GHCC conducts a half-day free TCM check-up and treatment session for those from the underprivileged groups especially those from old folks home.


Classes for the Children is held every Saturday, which covers a two-hour English and Malay language tutoring class for children from underprivileged families. Various activities and workshops are also conducted every month that covers vast range of area, which requires RM3,000 every month.


Vegetable Garden for the Community is program that covers over 2,000 square feet of land area which has been designated as a community vegetable garden, where volunteers get to learn, work, and sweat together to grow crops of vegetables for the community.


Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every Ringgit counts and we hope we can gain your kind support!


Annual Funding Required:

Lunch Box for the Hungry:
RM 4,550 x 12 months   = RM  54,600.00

Medical Check Up for the Needy:
RM 600 x 12 months   = RM    7,200.00

Classes for the Children:
RM 3,000 x 12 months   = RM  36,000.00

Vegetable Garden for the Community:
RM 500 x 12 months   = RM    6,000.00

Total = RM 103,800.00

You and Me Educational Program by Great Heart Charity Association


Donation: RM50 – RM2000

We actively collaborate with students from various societies in schools and universities. Talks and knowledge sharing sessions are conducted for the students and these students will then take the initiative to organise community projects with Great Heart acting as partner in support of them by providing them with guidance and funding. Great Heart supports up to 4 groups of students every year where we will provide each student groups with mentorship, knowledge tools, and funding for them to spearhead their very own charity projects.

This would require up to RM3,000 of seed funding for each student group. With the experience gained, it is hoped that the students will transform into future leaders of the local NGO scene and extend their services to help out the needy.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every Ringgit counts and we hope we can gain your kind support!

Annual Funding Required:
RM3,000 x 4 student groups = RM12,000.00


Donation: RM50 – RM2000

Clean-up activities are conducted every fortnightly in different public parks around Klang Valley. Large mass street clean-up activities involving over thousands of participants will also be organised annually.

This project serves a reminder to people not to dispose of garbage irresponsibly. The impact is greater because participants will have first-hand experience cleaning up the mess left by irresponsible people. It is important to expose the public, especially the younger generation to practise hygiene and cleanliness, so that there will come a day when the environment may no longer needs protection.

The cost to organise a mass street clean-up event runs up to RM30 per participant. This covers costing for various areas, covering items such as cleaning tools, rubbish bags, and F&B, to stage rental, PA systems, and ambulance. The project is targeted at the mass public especially students and youths.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every Ringgit counts and we hope we can gain your kind support!

Annual Funding Required: RM30 x 5,000 participants = RM150,000.00
CSR Program: Charity Event for Beneficiaries - Great Heart


Donation: RM1,000 – RM10,000 per charity event

Any company or individual who wish to organize a charity event may contact us. Great Heart Charity Association act as a platform to connect the sponsors (you) and beneficiary which we will source out the beneficiaries based on the requirement from the sponsors to organize the activity for both you and the beneficiary. The sponsors will sponsor all the expenses of the event.


Dialysis Subsidy for the needy

Kidney patients have to go for dialysis treatments three times a week. This has caused financial difficulties for low-income patients as each dialysis session can cost in excess of RM250. Some patients even refuse treatment because they do not want to be a financial burden to their families.

Great Heart supports up to 15 low-income families undergoing dialysis treatment every month by providing them with a temporary financial relief in the form of subsidising their monthly medical fees of up to RM720 per family for a period of 6 months. During our support period, we will try our level best to help the families apply for government dialysis subsidy where possible. We require RM10,800 per month in order for us to continue running the program targeted at low-income families seeking dialysis treatment.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every Ringgit counts and we hope we can gain your kind support!

Annual Funding Required:
RM720 x 15 families x 12 months = RM129,600.00



Donation: RM50 – RM2000

From temporarily losing earning capability due to sudden medical condition, to single parent families who live from hand to mouth but wishes to fund their children’s studies so that they could have a better future. Each of these underprivileged families and poverty families is going through a rough patch and a little assistance goes a long way for them.

Great Heart supports up to 15 poor underprivileged families or poverty families with groceries assistance of up to RM300 per month per family for a period of 6 months. Great Heart’s team of volunteers would be tasked with buying and sending the groceries to each respective families on a monthly basis, while providing them with care, a listening ear, and guidance during each of the visit. During the support period, we aim to be change agents that could lead them to a self-sustained life by providing guidance on areas such as career change, financial literacy and planning, so that they could transform from being a support grop to become one of our volunteer that spreads their helping hands to more people and build a better community. To do this, we require RM4,500 per month to continuously run the program targeted at poor underprivileged families, with the aim to see improvement in the respective underprivileged families live after the assistance period.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every Ringgit counts and we hope we can gain your kind support!

Annual Funding Required:
RM300 x 15 families x 12 months = RM54,000.00

Donate Offline

You may choose to contribute to our programs by sending your cheque to us or bank-in to our bank accounts. Please make the cheque payable to:
Persatuan Kasih Sejati

Please send your cheque to:

Great Heart Charity Association
Blok N-6-03, The Gamuda Biz Suites
Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla, Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

or bank in to our bank account as below:

MAYBANK 5127 8106 0342
CIMB BANK 800 3599 969

Once you have completed the offline donation, please send us your information (Full Name, I/C Number, Contact Number, Contributed Program) and attachments (if any) to [email protected].

Persatuan Kasih Sejati (Great Heart Charity Association) is an institution listed under Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia. Donations of RM50 and above are tax exempt under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.

If you need any clarification or further instructions, feel free to contact us at +603-5131 6107.

Thank you for your support!