• Angel Phang Ai Ching
  • Angie Ng Moi Cheng
  • Cerlyna Ng Bee Yen
  • Cheong Eng Siang
  • Chor Mun Yan
  • Chris Yen Chun How
  • Coey Lim Chian Chian
  • Danny Tan Chee Aik
  • Eleena Chug
  • Guiz Wong Kuei Chih
  • Henry Ser Zee Zhen
  • Jean Tiu Geok Koon
  • Jimmy Lee Leong Kiat
  • Kee Yuhern
  • Lian Hui Yi
  • Rave Tiu Kok Peng
  • Rex Ngan Sheng Yuan
  • Tan Mew Wai
  • Tew Guat Hong
  • Vincent Lai Chee Seng


  • Angel Chin See Pei
  • Chang Wei Kee
  • Chua Chin Ching
  • Jack Nyew Jenn Foo
  • Jenny Yap Gia Li
  • Jeslyn Ee Soo Lee
  • Lee Joy Ling
  • Max Tai Min Wei
  • Ong Lay Kian
  • Ricky Nyew Jann Yih
  • Selina Lee Shu Cheng
  • Sharon Tan Chai Peng
  • Tan Heng Gay
  • Tan Wing Chong
  • Winnie Lee Wan Siing
  • Yap Mun Kit


  • Adriana Shih Pao San
  • Ashley Chee Kwai Heong
  • Billy Low Seow Khng
  • Chan Geok Shee
  • Chathura Bhanaka
  • Chen Mei Yen
  • Fannie Pang Sook Fen
  • Gan Ai Kim
  • Hor Kimhour
  • Iris See Chin Ye
  • Joe Ang Ching Han
  • Kathy Tan Fuang Ling
  • Kerby Tong Chin Foong
  • Kyle Tan Chia Choon
  • Nicholas Khoo Chong Ee
  • Philip Ng Wei Boon
  • Pom Sophanith
  • Saw Bee Leng
  • Siow Chew Ying
  • Tan Lay Ling
  • Tan See Teng
  • Vincent Sim Ban Seng
  • Vivian Goh Yoke Cheng

Angel Appreciation Program is an initiative by Great Heart to show appreciation, provide recognition and to express thank you to all the volunteers who has been working so hard to make all our events and activities a successful one. It is a point and ranking system, and points will be awarded to each volunteers whenever they participate in Great Heart’s activities, as per the following manner:

  • 5 points being awarded to event team leader/advisor/trainer
  • 2 points being awarded to event volunteer
  • 4 points being awarded to 1 term Family Care supervision case (duration 4 months)


Points awarded will be accumulated and once the volunteer reaches certain level of points, they will be inducted into Great Heart Angel’s Hall of Fame during our annual Thanksgiving Dinner under the respective categories as per below:

  • Caring Angel (20 points and above)
  • Loving Angel (40 points and above)
  • Noble Angel (60 points and above)

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join our activities and events to start collecting points now while we work hand-in-hand to make our community a more loving one! Training classes will be provided for those interested to be our event team leader or Family Care supervisor.