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We are targeting 100 new signups as 'I Am Guardian Angel' donors with
minimum RM50 monthly donation to help underprivilage group.

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I am Guardian Angel Program

Monthly donations are pre-set at RM30, THAT’S ONLY RM1 PER DAY! You may also choose to donate RM50, RM100, or any other higher amount monthly through this program to support us.

Be a Guardian Angel today by donating to us! The support from you is greatly
required in order for us to be able to continuously tender the supports to our
caring targets every month.

Welcome pack with the following gifts will be provided to new donor sign ups

RM 30

RM 50

RM 100 and above

1 x Great Heart Eco Bag1 x Great Heart Eco Bag1 x Great Heart Eco Bag
1 x Pen1 x Pen1 x Pen
1 x Great Heart Latest Handbook1 x Great Heart Latest Handbook1 x Great Heart Latest Handbook
1 x Monthly E-Newsletter1 x Monthly E-Newsletter1 x Monthly E-Newsletter
1 x Great Heart Cap1 x Great Heart Cap
1 x Great Heart Plush Toy

Donations to Great Heart Charity Association are tax exempted under Sub-section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967 from 1 Feb 2019 to 31 Jan 2022.

*Donors need to provide Full Name, IC no., Address in order to obtain tax exemption receipt.

Persatuan Kasih Sejati (Great Heart Charity Association) is an institutions listed under Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia. Donations of RM50 and above are tax exempt under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.

Kindly be informed that our tax exemption status has expired on 31 December 2018. We are currently in the process of applying for renewal for our tax exemption status from LHDN, with the outcome expected to be announced in March 2019.

We will keep you updated once we receive further information from LHDN. Thank you for your continuous support to our work all these years, which is sincerely appreciated.

If you need any clarification or further instructions, feel free to contact us at +603-5131 6107.

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