Hand-in-hand Charity

There are people struggling to obtain their daily requirements. With our contributions, we aim to make their life easier and to assist them with their everyday needs. We provide substantial help based on two key directions: Physical & Mental.

You & Me Educational

Charity should be considered as a form of education. The implementation of charity cultures into schools serves to act as a jumpstart for students to organize community projects voluntarily while enhancing their self-development and hence.

Earth Warriors Project

To protect our earth, for today, and for a better tomorrow. This activity provides the opportunity for the participants to experience the effort of civil cleaners in helping to maintain the cleanliness of our city and know the importance of keeping our city clean.

Geng Xin Tang

Respect lives; both of others as well as ours. This is a concomitant in our live journey, but also a mental health condition. The life of every human being will come to an end someday, but come that day, some of the unfortunates might not even be accorded with a basic coffin and a proper funeral.

Care in hand, Love in heart!
Great Heart Charity Association - Official Logo


Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is a non-profit charitable organization in Malaysia. We aim to provide substantial and meaningful assistance to people who face difficulties in their life. Individually, we may not able to change the world to become the one we want to live in but we may be able to help people substantially on an individual or community level. As a result, our core value is making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.

  • Looking back at my four-year journey though life in the charitable industry, all the hard work pays off in exchange for a fulfilling and enriching life experience. Since the establishment of Great Heart, we constantly sow the seeds of our dream of having a warm and caring society becoming a reality by coming out with and pioneering various types of charitable activities and events. We will continue to strive and work hard without seeking anything in return other than to bring positive energy and deliver the true meaning of philanthropy to the public with our existence.

    Franky See
    Founder & President
  • I would like to thank all the committees and members for their full cooperation and dedication. Without their commitment, we will not be able to successfully organise so many meaningful activities and events for the underprivileged groups during these past 3 years. Special thanks also to our team of loving volunteers and caring contributors, as without your support, we would not able to reach so far. So, let us continue to work hand in hand to bring more love and care to our community.

    Tan Wing Chong
    Honorary President
  • An equally challenging and stressful role working in the social sector compared to being in the corporate sector as you are faced with trying to accomplish something big in helping out the needy, but with limited resources. However, it is always heart-warming and comforting to be receiving encouragement, support, and assistance along the way from like-minded caring partners and members of the public in supporting charitable causes, especially those coming from the younger generations and students in universities! This is more so when we successfully extend the assistance and support to the underprivileged to ease their burden or cheer them up, and seeing the happiness and gratitude brimming on their faces in return.

    Yuen Juin Hoe
    Vice President
  • Charity’s greatest fruits of labour does not depends on how much you have contributed, but in being able to shine rays of hope to those living in the darkness of hardship and misfortune. My philosophy in philanthropy works is to create ripples that spread this fruits of labour to others in need in order to bring a continuous everlasting cycle of positive change.

    Ric See
    Co-founder & Secretary




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