Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Wondering what Great Heart Charity Association is all about? Here are some answers to some of the questions you might have about who we are, what we do and how you can give to us.

WHO WE ARE? 我们是谁?

     1. Who is Great Heart Charity Association?


Great Heart Charity Association is a tax-exempted charity association that is based in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Our mission is to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life by encouraging more members of the public, especially the younger generation, to get involved with charity via our programmes to help out the underprivileged.



     2. Where does Great Heart Charity Association operate?


Our HQ is at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, while our Great Heart Community Centre (GHCC) is located at Teluk Pulai, Klang.



     3. Who are Great Heart Charity Association’s main targeted beneficiaries?


Underprivileged families from poor backgrounds, those undergoing dialysis, orphanages, old folks’ homes, homes for the disabled and Orang Asli villagers.



     4. How does Great Heart Charity Association help those in need?


Through our various charity projects and programs; namely, Hand-in-Hand Charity Program, You & Me Educational Program, Great Heart Community Centre (GHCC), and Overseas Union Charity Program. Some charity projects are also conducted via our sister associations, Great Vision Charity Association, Earth Warriors Association and Geng Xin Tang.

通过我们的几项活动和计划:携手共济慈善计划,“关爱你,关爱我”教育计划,耕心慈善社区服务中心 (GHCC),海外布施计划。我们的姐妹协会,宏愿慈善机构,地球战士计划,和耕心堂,也有举办慈善活动。


     5. Is Great Heart Charity Association related to any religion?


No. We are a non-religious affinity.



     6. Does Great Heart Charity Association support overseas projects?


Yes, through our Overseas Union Charity Program. This is held via collaborations or upon invitation from overseas charity partners, with the aim to share and exchange knowledge on charity and cultural experiences among different regional charity organisations.



    1. How are Great Heart Charity Association’s projects funded?


We rely on public donations to fund our projects. Donors support us either by signing up for our ‘I Am Guardian Angel’ monthly donation program, donating directly to our organisation, or by purchasing our merchandise listed on our website. Funding is also generated from our Great Heart Charity Gala Dinner, where we also hold auction sessions to fundraise for the association. You, too, can donate at https://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/donations/

我们依靠公众捐款来资助我们的项目。捐款者可以注册 “我是守护天使”每月捐款计划来支持我们,一次性捐款给我们的组织,或者购买我们网站上列出的商品。我们也透过的耕心慈善晚宴和晚宴上的拍卖环节为协会筹集下一年的项目资金。捐款者可以注册 https://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/donations/


   2. How are Great Heart Charity Association’s overseas projects funded?


The overall project funding is shared among our overseas partner organisations which are involved in the charity project. Great Heart volunteers from our end self-fund their volunteer trips overseas.



   3. How can I be sure that the money is spent appropriately?


Being a tax-exempted charity organisation that is registered with the Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS; Registration No. PPM-021-10-01072013), we are subjected to auditing by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN), ROS, as well as an external auditor, to ensure that all donations are spent appropriately.

Do refer to our fact sheet at http://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/fact-sheet/ for more information on our funding and expenditure.

作为在Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS; Registration No. PPM-021-10-01072013) 注册的免税慈善组织,我们正在接受Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN), ROS和外部审计师的审计,以确保所有的捐款都花在适当的地方。您可以参考 http://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/fact-sheet/ 的资料表获取资金和支出的信息。


   4. Are my donations to programmes by Great Heart Charity Association tax deductible?


Persatuan Kasih Sejati (Great Heart Charity Association) is an institution listed under Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia. All donations are tax exempted under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967. Learn how to receive a tax exemption at https://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/donations/

耕心慈善 (注册名:Persatuan Kasih Sejati) 是 LHDN Malaysia下Section 44(6) ITA 1967章节里列出的机构。根据Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967,说有捐款是免税的。您可以参考 https://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/donations/


   1. Is Great Heart Charity Association a registered charitable organization in Malaysia?


Great Heart Charity Association is registered with the Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS) under the registration number PPM-021-10-01072013.

耕心慈善已在Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS) 受注册的机构。注册号码: PPM-021-10-01072013。


   2. Who are the owners/shareholders of Great Heart Charity Association?


Great Heart Charity Association is managed by a team of committee members. There are no owners/shareholders for the organisation.



   3. What about the paid-up and authorised capital of Great Heart Charity Association?

This is not applicable for NGOs registered under ROS.



   4. Who are the auditors for Great Heart Charity Association?


We have appointed S. F. Lee & Co. as our external auditor since our inception in 2013. We have an internal auditor and are also subjected to audits from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) and the Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS).

自2013年成立以来,我们已委任S.F. Lee&Co.为外部审计师。我们拥有内部审计师,并接受Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) 和the Registry of Societies of Malaysia (ROS)的审计 。



About Volunteering 关于志愿服务

   1. Why volunteer with Great Heart Charity Association?


You get to experience and be involved in various charity programs that cater to a diverse group that ranges from poor families, orphanages, old folks, people with disabilities and Orang Asli villagers. Our team will be there to guide you through your charity journey and share the knowledge that they have learned on their own journeys too. You also get to meet up with other like-minded volunteers. Most of our volunteers are young and young-at-heart, and are eager to get to know other kind-hearted individuals.



   2. How do I sign-up as a volunteer for Great Heart Charity Association?


Fill up our online registration form at http://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/volunteer-registration/ to sign up.

注册: http://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/volunteer-registration/


   3. I already signed up as volunteer for Great Heart Charity Association, so what’s next?


You will be receiving our newsletter on a monthly basis. Volunteering opportunities with us will be shared in the newsletter where you will be redirected to sign up for the events you are interested in. The volunteer slots are on a first come, first serve basis, so do be quick to sign up. A team leader will be in contact with you closer to the day of the event.



   4. Are there any overseas volunteering opportunities in Great Heart Charity Association?


Yes, through our Overseas Union Charity Program, which will be broadcasted on our social media whenever there is a need for volunteers. Do note that the travelling, transportation & meal cost is to be borne by the volunteers.



   5. Does Great Heart Charity Association offer an internship program?


Yes, we do. We accept both local and international interns at our Great Heart Community Centre and have been receiving interns from across the globe, such as from Canada, Poland, France, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.



   6. How can my company volunteer?


As our mission is to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life, we welcome everyone to join any of our programs. Your company could either sponsor or donate towards our programs, or send staff over as volunteers. For customised events, administrative costs are chargable at RM30/hour per staff.


Volunteer Requirements & Tasks 义工要求和任务

   1. Is there an age limit to volunteer in Great Heart Charity Association?


As long as you are able to take care of yourself while helping out during our programs, we welcome you to participate in any of our charity programs.



   2. Are there minimum/maximum numbers of hours that I must commit to as a volunteer?


This would depend on the type of program that you have signed up to volunteer for. For example, for a day trip outing, you would be expected to help out throughout the day’s activity while for class or workshop activities, it would typically be around 3 to 4 hours.



   3. How many events can I volunteer for?


As many as you would like to, depending on your schedule.



   4. Can I volunteer if I work full time?


Yes, depending on your schedule. Most of our outreach programs are conducted during the weekends, while our programs at the Great Heart Community Centre are from Mondays to Saturdays.



   5. What sort of tasks/roles will I perform?


You could play on the role of volunteers to help out during our programs, or you could take on a more challenging role of being a team leader to help organise our charity projects.



   6. Will I be the only volunteer on duty or do I work as part of a team?


You will be working as part of a team to execute our charity programs.


Volunteer Logistics 义工后勤

   1. How do I keep track of my volunteer hours?


Your attendance will be taken during each volunteer session, with points allocated based on the role that you play. Upon reaching a certain number of points, you will be invited to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner to be inducted into our Angels Appreciation Program Hall of Fame.



   2. What’s the dress code for volunteers?


Smart casual. You could also purchase our Great Heart T-shirt by visiting our online store at http://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/merchandise/ to wear during the charity event. The funding raised from the merchandise purchase will be used to run our charity programs.



   3. How do I get to know more about available events for volunteering?


You can follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/greatheartcharityassociation as we will be posting volunteering opportunities regularly. Once you register as our volunteer, we will also be sending you a monthly email with upcoming event details which you can volunteer for as well.

您可以跟随我们的面子书 www.facebook.com/greatheartcharityassociation。 如果您已申请成为我们的义工,您也将会收到电邮的通知。


   4. How would I know my allocated time/day?


Once you have signed up for a program and contacted the team leader, further information will be made known to you on the date, time, and location to gather, as well as the tasks that you will be helping out with.



   5. What should I do if I am sick or unable to report for duty as scheduled?


Kindly contact the team leader of the program that you have signed up and inform him/her as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for your replacement.



   6. Who do I talk to if I have a concern or need to adjust my schedule?


You may get in touch with the team leader of the program that you have signed up for.



   7. Who do I meet when I arrive for duty?


You may look for the team leader of the program that you have signed up with.



   8. Is transportation provided?


Depending on the type of program, for outreach programs, transport will generally be provided to fetch volunteers and the beneficiaries from the gathering point to the venue of the outreach programs. However, volunteers are expected to arrange for their own transport to the point of gathering.