The Hand-in-Hand Charity Program is created to extend Great Heart Charity Association’s (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) services to the following 3 target groups:
Hand-in-hand Charity Program - Individual Cases


  • Dialysis Patients
  • Underprivileged Families
  • Single Parent Families
Hand-in-hand Charity Program - Centers


  • Old Folk Homes
  • Orphanages
  • Disability Centers
  • Underprivileged students
  • Elderly
Hand-in-hand Charity Program - Orang Asli Project



1. Individual cases

The plight of underprivileged families rarely receive the same amount of exposure to the public as there is no platform to highlight their predicament. We reach out to this group by allocating funds and resources to mitigate some of their burdens. Below are our two focus groups.

1.1 Dialysis Cases

Many are not aware of the physical, emotional and financial battles faced by patients of kidney failure. Going for treatments three times a week costs up to RM 3,500/month. This causes many financial difficulties for patient who receive a low income. Some patients even refuse treatment because they do not want to be a financial burden to their families.

How we help

Great Heart supports 30 families undergoing dialysis treatment every month by subsidising their monthly medical fees, from a minimum of RM260 to a maximum of RM1500 per family. This amounts to RM 27,000 per month in charitable expenses towards dialysis patients.

How you can help
    1. Monetary donation to support this group. The amount required is RM 27,000 per month or RM 324,000 per year.

    2. Volunteer to visit the family once every three months to provide emotional support.

1.2 Underprivileged Family Cases

From losing their means of income due to an unexpected health condition, to single parent families who live hand-to-mouth but want to ensure a better future for their children via education- a little assistance goes a long way for each of these families going through a rough patch.

How we help

Great Heart supports 25 poor underprivileged families predominantly with groceries of up to RM300 per family. Great Heart’s team of volunteers buy and send these groceries to each family on a monthly basis.

How you can help
    1. Financial donations. The total amount required for this group is RM7,500 per month or RM90,000 per year, while a further RM50,000 is allocated as ad-hoc funding for emergency cases.

    2. Volunteer to visit the family once a month to assist in buying groceries and necessities for them, while providing emotional support at the same time. Up to 25 volunteers are required, with one volunteer looking after each of the 25 families.

2. Centres and other underprivileged groups

As most centres such as orphanages, old folks’ homes and disability centres usually receive higher exposure, we take a different approach to cater to these groups by arranging various activities to tend to their physical and mental well-being. We also reach out to students from poor families and elderly folk who live alone.

How we help

Great Heart organises activities for centres and other underprivileged groups every year, be it for children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. Activities include visits to zoos, theme parks or cinemas. Luncheon, day trips, and festive celebrations are held in the centres as well. Past projects include the Fulfilling Hundred Wishes Program, Hope Reading and Back to School Project.

How you can help
    1. Monetary donation to support the activities. The amount required is RM3,000 per month or RM36,000 per year.

    2. Volunteer for half- or full-day activities. Confirmed activities that require volunteers will be posted on Great Heart’s social media platform. Volunteers may also sign up on our website.

3. Orang Asli Villages

Orang Asli is the indigenous people of Malaysia and is among one of the poorest communities in the country. Most are staying in villages deep in the jungle with no access to electricity or clean water supply due to accessibility constraint.

How we help

Our Orang Asli projects aim to improve the quality of lives for the Orang Asli as well as to enhance their livelihood. A site visit and study is conducted beforehand to gain a better understanding of their living conditions and needs before providing aid.

We have built water wells equipped with water pumps and water tanks to enable storage of clean underground water for the usage of the community so that they no longer need to rely on rainwater for water supply. Each well supplies up to 20 gallons of water each. We also provide organic fertiliser and seedlings to not only grow crops, but to be able to sell them for income.

How you can help
    1. Monetary donation to support the activities. Amount required is RM50,000 per year.

    2. Volunteer your time to help out. As the villages are usually located in remote areas, seats for volunteers are limited due to logistics.