Welcome to our fundraising page! Here, you will find our ongoing and past fundraiser campaigns, including our collaboration with Cari Internet Sdn Bhd (CARI) from 2018.

Whether it is one-off campaigns, or from a series, we invite you to contribute to our current fundraisers while taking a look at the ones we have successfully completed over the years!

Ongoing Campaigns

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#GiftOfHope – Great Heart Charity Fundraiser 2022

RM 685,324.13


353 Donors

Bringing #GiftOfHope to those in need! We are now FUNDRAISING for 2023!
With the increasing number of underprivileged families in need from the B40 and M40 communities, combined with the current state of our economy, our funds are rapidly depleting as we worked hard to accommodate each cry for help over the past years.
GHCA aims to provide support to:
Underprivileged families
🧡 Dialysis patients
💛 Indigenous community
💚 Old folks
💙 Children
💜 Disabled person
As a result, from 15 November 2022 to 15 December 2022, we hope to raise a total of RM700,000.00 and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to carry out our mission for the coming year and accumulate enough funds to sustain our beneficiaries from each category.
Your SUPPORT is the KEY, and your contribution is our HOPE! Let’s join hands and make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.
To donate, scan the QR code or you may donate directly to our bank account!
Bank account details:
Maybank 5127 8106 0342 (Persatuan Kasih Sejati)



You & Me: Gracious Giving

RM 1,489.00


13 Donors

“Gracious Giving” is an event that is held by UOW Malaysia KDU students under the GSR subject. Throughout this event, we will also be partnering up with the Great Heart Charity Association. Our aim is to raise funds of RM 1,500.00, which will allow us to purchase medical items such as Lactul Solutions and Enema for Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah.


Every little bit counts. Together, let’s bring joy to the children.


Fundraising Period: 7 March 2023 to 17 March 2023

Fundraising Target: RM 1,500.00



Closed Campaigns

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Fundraiser by UiTM Students’ Surgical Association (USSA)

RM 931.00


18 Donors

UiTM Students’ Surgical Association (USSA) dengan kerjasama beberapa kelab persatuan fakulti perubatan UiTM sedang mencari dana sumbangan (Online Fundraising) untuk mengadakan satu program yang akan memberi bantuan sumbangan kepada golongan-golongan miskin , asnaf , OKU dan anak-anak yatim di sekitar kawasan selangor. Bantuan ini akan disalurkan dalam pelbagai bentuk termasuklah sumbangan makanan dan wang yang akan sedikit sebanyak mengukir senyuman di wajah mereka, insan yang kurang bernasib baik. Di dalam rangkaan juga untuk mengadakan pemeriksaan kesihatan dan membangunkan kesedaran tentang penyakit-penyakit yang terkenal di negara kita terutamanya golongan ini yang kurang mendapat perhatian dan sering disisihkan masyarakat.

Berat mata memandang kesusahan yang mereka alami, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Kami amat berharap sumbangan budi dari pihak Tuan/Puan dan jangan lepaskan kesempatan ini untuk menderma kerana ini adalah suatu peluang untuk melakukan amal baik kepada mereka.

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Fundraiser by Golden Key Society (GKS)

RM 2,002.36


29 Donors

Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS) Multimedia University Melaka Campus are currently collaborating with Great Heart Charity Association Malaysia to organize an online fundraiser. The aim of this online fundraiser is to raise funds to sustain the association’s upcoming years charity program. The association targets to extend a helping hand to underprivileged families, dialysis patients, indigenous community, old folks, children, and disabled person. Besides helping the underprivileged community, it will also inspire others to incorporate charitable giving into everyday life and assist in meeting the requirements of an expanding number of impoverished families. Through this collaboration, Service Pillar of Golden key Society Multimedia University hopes to instill a spirit of generosity in each individual who attends the fundraising activities.


Target: RM2,000.00

Fundraising Date: 17 December 2022 – 31 December 2022


来个完美 2022 总结及2023 开端

RM 1,865.00


27 Donors






Pave Our Way, #GiftOfHope

RM 290.00


9 Donors


Being kind is a choice, a choice we can rejoice…

Being a social worker, a full-time volunteer, we pave our way together to make the world greater.

Nothing can stop us from doing good, from being kind and from the love we share to those we care.

Greetings and good day, I am now raising funds for an incredible cause, one that inspires me and makes me believe that we can all believe and work together to help and care for those in need.

My target is RM3,000.00 and I hope to achieve my target by the end of the fundraiser.

For every donation of RM50 & above, request me a story, a poem or any special request, as long as it’s in my power and ability, I will do my best to fulfill on any.


Lighting Up Other’s LIFE IN NEED

RM 1,260.00


19 Donors

Underprivileged families still exist. Especially looking at the difficult economy right now since the covid-19 incident, many are still struggling to get back on their feet. The Lighting Up Others’ LIFE IN NEED “FUN-raiser” is in collaboration with T Bakers and Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) to raise RM3,000 for those in need with the aim of enhancing their capability to self-sustain long term.

Let us come together and give our support, (and HOPE!) to the underprivileged families! 100% of funds raised will be used on GHCA’s programs which supports dialysis patients, poor families, children’s education and many more!! Your donations are very much appreciated during these difficult times. THANK YOU!

Fundraiser deadline: 15 December (Or until target is achieved)


Purchase of T Bakers product is not needed to make a donation. Any amount of donations are welcomed for this fundraiser.

Donations can only be made through this main fundraiser page. Great Heart Charity does not collect donations via third-parties or any external apps/accounts.

Follow T Bakers on Instagram (IG: _tbakers_) and Direct Message the screenshot of donation. (This is important to track your entries in this fundraiser)

Updates on fundraiser progress and use of funds at the end of the fundraiser will be viewable on Great Heart Charity’s social media pages and next quarterly report.

All donations above RM30 are eligible for tax exemption. Should you require a receipt, please send your full name, phone number, IC number, home address and proof of donation to [email protected] and your receipt will be processed 4 weeks after the end of the fundraiser.

Fundraiser by Andrew Lim (#GiftOfHope)

RM 25,430.00


16 Donors

In recent times, the number of B40 and M40 communities crying for help are constantly increasing in our country. As a social worker, it is our utmost priority and primary goal to do everything we can to try our best in reaching out on every cry for help. It is our responsibility as a Malaysian, to fulfil our duty in helping our community through all possible means.

As we worked hard to accommodate these aid, our funds are rapidly depleting and WE NEED YOU to help us in carrying out our mission for the coming year and raise enough funds to continue the support to our beneficiaries.

Thank you in advance and I sincerely appreciate your kind support, giving us a chance to help those in need on your behalf, I believe together we can make a difference in the lives in need.



Andrew Lim

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You & Me: Joy Maker

RM 679.15


21 Donors

Every cent counts and means a lot to our beneficiary!


We would like to call for everyone to donate to our campaign “Joy Makers” organized by Sunway TES Students. Be one of our joy makers to save the needy by contributing to the fundraiser!

Regardless of the global pandemic, we hope that your act of kindness would warm the hearts of the children and the underprivileged communities.

Our aim here is to achieve the goal of RM1,000 in just three-weeks period. Hence, we would cherish your kindness for contributing to our fundraiser in supporting the underprivilege community. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and families too!


Fundraising Period: 12 October 2022 to 31 October 2022

Fundraising Target: RM 1,000.00


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You & Me: Kits for Kids Online Fundraising

RM 850.00


41 Donors

Kits for Kids: Online Fundraising  by Sunway University School of Hospitality and Service Management (Community Service project)

Students from the Community Service class of Sunway University School of Hospitality and Service Management are currently collaborating with Great Heart Charity Association Malaysia to organize an online fundraising event. The beneficiary of this event is RumahKids of USJ where all funds donated will be allocated to buy urgently needed household items and daily necessities. With the kind act of giving from the public, we aim to nurture the goodness in caring for the young children in this event. 

Items Included: 

  1. Household Items
  2. Medicines
  3. Toiletries
  4. Stationery Set


Fundraising Date:  1 October 2022 to 14 October 2022

Fundraising Target:  RM 1,000.00

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You & Me: Online Fundraising by Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS)

RM 1,042.00


15 Donors

Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS) Multimedia University Melaka Campus are currently collaborating with Great Heart Charity Association Malaysia to organise an online fundraiser. The aim of this online fundraiser is to raise funds to help six main targets which includes Dialysis Patients, Orphanage Homes, Old Folks, OKU/PWD, Indigenous and Underprivileged Families. Through this collaboration, Service Pillar of Golden Key Society Multimedia University hopes to cultivate the charitable act of giving in the hearts of each individual participating in our fundraising events.


Fundraising Date: 6 June 2022 to 6 July 2022
Fundraising Target: RM1,000
For any inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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You & Me: The Good Acts

RM 2,205.00


29 Donors

We are a group of students from School of Hospitality who are conducting a fundraising for the 6 main caring targets of the Great Heart Charity Association. The 6 main caring targets consist of OKU, Dialysis Patient, Orphanage Home, Old Folks, Orang Asli & Underprivileged Families. We believe that it is our job to do our best to be there for those who are not able to lend a hand for themselves and help those in need by doing fundraising.
Fundraising Date: 15th Feb 2022 – 1st  March 2022 
Fundraising Target: RM1000 (Achieved on 16th February 2022)
New Fundraising Target: RM4000
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The Greener Good

RM 1,230.00


18 Donors

For The Greener Good is an online fundraising campaign held by a group of Sunway University Psychology students aiming to sustainably lighten the burden of those facing food insecurity.

The funds raised will go towards helping maintain the community garden at Great Heart Charity Community Centre. The harvested crops from the community garden will then be distributed to the underprivileged.

Our mission is to spread social awareness about food insecurity in Malaysia and to create greater change for the greener good. If you would like to help those in need, it is as simple as our slogan! Simply donate, and we will plant and feed.


Fundraising target: RM 1, 000
Fundraising duration: 11/02/2022 – 28/02/2022


For any inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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GH – Flood Relief Aid

RM 61,994.57


90 Donors

The rising floodwater is worrying and many families are stranded, panic, cold and hungry. Let’s do our part by offering a little help.
Fund our Flood Relief Aid to help the flash flood victims in Selangor and KL.

You donate, we will send flood relief items to the affected families. We are targeting a fundraiser goal of RM30,000.

1. Via this fundraiser page
2. Bank transfer
Persatuan Kasih Sejati
OCBC 705 131 4840
Ref: Flood Relief
*Donations with RM30 and above are entitled for tax exemption receipt, email your transaction slip together with your details (Full name, IC, email, contact no., address) to [email protected]

Every help counts! Help us to share this!

Update 1: 19/12 , 6pm
Our team has sent the first batch of flood relief items to evacuation centre in Klang, Sekolah Rendah Integrasi Tengku Ampuan Fatimah. Flood relief items included: mineral water, hygiene kit, breads, biscuits and diapers. Many areas are still not accessible at the moment, our team will continue to monitor the condition and needs on ground.

Update 2: 20/12, 2.30pm
We have received updates of water has receded in most area, however for some areas water level is still not safe for the flood victims to go back to their home. Thank you for the continued rescue efforts from various teams and rakyat on ground doing their level best to rescue.

Our team has managed to purchase and distribute relief items such as covid test kits, face mask, sanitizer, medicines, blankets, pillows and mattress to SK Kemuning 2, Kota Kemuning.

Update 3: 20/12, 10PM
Our volunteer has checked out the needs at Vocational Special Education Secondary School Shah Alam, Sek 17. Most of the flood victims have returned home as the water receded. Based on the needs, we have managed to purchase and donated baby milk powder, milk powder, electric kettle and masks for one of the families there.

Update 4: 21/12, 6PM
Great Heart Charity has dropped more relief items such as pampers, pad, milk bottles, dry food at the aid booth at Taman Sri Muda. Water is receding slowly, flood victims have come out to the aid booths to collect relief items. For the deeper areas which are only accessible by 4WD, food and relief items were sent in by authorities and authorized volunteer team.

Update 5: 22/12, 3PM
As relief centers are overwhelmed with supply. Today, our team has sent more relief items to the centralized warehouse of local representative to coordinate on the distributions according to the needs of the flood victims into Taman Sri Muda.

Update 6: 22/12, 6PM
A 6th round of distributions have been made to Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Fatimah Klang. Items donated included hand sanitiser, face mask, cleanning tools, towel, blanket and pillows. The relief items were received by ADUN Bandar Baru Klang, YB Teng Chang Khim to be delivered to flood victims residing near Pulau Indah. Thank you volunteers who stepped up to our request in help out with the purchasing and delivery.

Update 7: 24/12, 3PM
Our team has received the plight in PPS lacking of medical supplies. Hence, our team has react to it by sending two boxes of medical supplies to 2 flood relief centre at Putra Heights, Dewan Camelia and Surau Baiturrahman. The medical supplies will benefit about 800 evacuees residing temporarily at both relief centres. According to the volunteer doctor there, many of the flood victims are having issues with skin rashes, diarrhea, fever, cough, asthma due to dehydration and working under the hot son to clean up their houses.

Update 8: 27/12, 5PM
Our team and volunteers are gearing up to produce 300 care packs to be distributed to Klang and Shah Alam flood victims by this week. Each set of care pack consist of cleaning tools, gas stove, electric kettle and a cash aid. These care packs come from the kindness of everyone who have contributed to the Great Heart flood relief fundraiser, let’s send a message of care and hope to the flood victims!

Update 9: 28/12, 8AM
A total of 25 volunteers have come forward to join on the mission to distribute 200 flood relief care packs to Jalan Kebun & Klang Utama area. The care pack includes a portable gas stove, an electric kettle, floor detergent, a multipurpose disinfectant, an electrical pot, and RM100 cash assistance.
We have divided into two teams and the distributions took place at 8AM to 4PM.
Our mission is not to only hand out the care packs but we also identified the needs and situation of the flood victims through a stringent survey.
Despite the hardcore volunteer work as some of our volunteers suffered from heat strokes as we go from door to door for the survey & distributions, none of the volunteers complain and even push themselves further to accomplish the mission.

Update 10: 28/12, 1PM
Another volunteer team went to the Jalan Kebun area to conduct the post-flood survey and distribution of flood relief care packages. Our team has gone from house to house distribution then followed by a set up distribution to flood affected families at Surau Jalan Kebun. Special thanks to Persatuan Penduduk Jalan Kebun for the lead. We have witnessed the aftermath of the flood and some flood victims were so grateful with the items received. Even after 1 week after the flood, many families are still taking their time to recover and rebuilding after the disaster has definitely became more challenging especially to the B40 families.

Update 11: 1/1/2022
The new year start right with a flood relief mission to Taman Sri Muda on 1st January. Joined by 14 volunteers, the team has distributed flood relief aid care packs and cash assistance to 110 affected families. The demand of aid request is high in Taman Sri Muda as it was one of the worst hit by flood. Hence our team will be implementing the Phase 2 Flood relief aid in Taman Sri Muda in the upcoming days.
Update 12: 6/1/2022
In view of the severity of flood in Pahang,GHCA has joint effort with Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Muda Tengku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah, DK., SSAP in donating 800 sets of bed sets for flood victims in Termeloh, Pahang. Among 800 sets, Great Heart has sponsored 300 sets from the flood relief pool fund.
Update 13: 6/1/2022, 8AM
GH returns to Taman Sri Muda for Phase 2 flood relief effort by providing RM200 cash assistance to flood-affected families. The team, which included 11 staffs and committees, went from house to house in Taman Sri Muda to distribute the cash aid to 54 houses. Seeing how the flood has severely impacted the victims, causing significant losses and damages to each household, our team has then identified families who may require long-term assistance from GHCA.
Update 14: 9/1/2022, 8AM
The flood relief mission continues in Taman Sri Muda. The team has reached out 106 flood affected families to provide cash relief assistance of RM200. Some of the families wept when talk about the traumatic experience they faced during the flood. The families were very grateful with the aid as they needed cash aid the most during that point of life to repair their damaged houses and vehicles.
Special thanks to volunteers who involved. Distribution has been completed today on 6/1/2022. We are honored and happy to be able to do this hand in hand.
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You & Me : Gracious Givers

RM 1,500.00


27 Donors

You & Me is a knowledge sharing sessions and are conducted for school and university students so that they initiate and organise charity projects with Great Heart partnering them as mentor and funder.

We are Diploma in Hotel Management students from Sunway University. We are organizing a fundraising “Gracious Givers” in order to help the orphanage which called Persatuan dan Kebajikan Social Kim Loo Ting. 

The mission of Gracious givers is to help the orphanage in Malaysia that having financial problems during this pandemic. 

Our goals is to help the orphanage to have less economic pressure. 

Help us and help these orphans.  Your contribution is the greatest credit. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. 


Fundraising Goal: RM1,500.00

Fundraising Period: 7th October – 27th October 2021

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Backpack Heroes Fundraiser

Minimum Contribution RM 1.00

RM 1,520.00


68 Donors

Ever wonder how a small step could change millions of lives? Come participate with us in a campaign “Backpack Heroes” organised by Sunway Diploma Students. Be one of our backpack heroes to save the needy by contributing to the donation.

Regardless of the global pandemic, we hope that your act of kindness would warm the hearts of the children and the underprivileged communities. 

Our aim here is to achieve the goal of RM1500 in just a one-month-period. Hence, we would cherish your kindness if you are willing to take part. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and families too! Hand-in-hand, we’ll withstand!


Fundraising Amount: RM1,500.00

Campaign Period: 13 Sept 2021 – 8 Oct 2021

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Family Care Support Initiatives

RM 84,396.15


12 Donors

The Great Heart Covid-19 Response & Relief Aid 2021 project is aimed to provide continuous humanitarian assistance to parties affected by the pandemic.

The following initiatives are set up to ensure those affected can continue their livelihood during this desperate time. GHCA shows support and concern for individuals or families who need assistance during the pandemic and economic uncertainties. GHCA provides eligible applicants from B40 families with financial aid or in-kind donation to ease their burden.


List of Initiatives

1.1 Great Heart Covid-19 Relief Aid 2.0

1.2 Hand-in-Hand Family Care Support (Year 2022)

1.3 Groceries for the Urban Poor  





CAMPAIGN END DATE: 31 December 2021

With the exceeded fund raised, shall be channeled to our ongoing programs, projects, and other needs of the organisation.


Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

017 884 8592 

012 278 2390

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Medical Equipment Donation Project

RM 102,070.00


11 Donors

Due to the shortages in various medical equipment at government hospitals with the high influx of Covid-19 patients, the situation has overwhelmed healthcare workers at the hospitals. GHCA and its partners contribute medical equipment to selected governmental hospitals based on the respective hospitals’ needs.

We are targeting RM506,560.00 for this project. With the exceeded fund from the donation, shall be utilized to help more health care centers.




CAMPAIGN END DATE: 31 December 2021



Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

013 933 8888

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Save Malaysia with Boba Tea!

RM 4,280.00


71 Donors

Our healthcare system is at the brink of collapse due to the rise of COVID-19 cases. The Save Malaysia With Boba Tea fundraiser is in collaboration with The Alley, St John Ambulance Malaysia and Great Heart Charity Association to raise RM100,000 for our frontliners!

Let us come together to fight this battle! 100% of funds raised will be used to purchase and donate essential items for medical facilities in need. Your donations are very much appreciated in these tough times!


Medical supplies to be donated:

  1. Oxygen machine
  2. Other medical supplies (based on needs of medical facilities)


Benefiting facilities:

  1. Government hospitals
  2. Other healthcare facilities

    Fundraising amount: RM100,000
    Fundraiser dates: 26 June – 30 July (Or until target is achieved)



  1. Purchase of boba tea is not needed to make a donation. Any amount of donations are welcomed for this fundraiser.
  2. Donations can only be made through this main fundraiser page. Great Heart Charity does not collect donations via third-parties or any external apps/accounts.
  3. List of medical supplies and benefiting facilities are subject for approval from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) as it governs the fund expenditure of Great Heart Charity.
  4. Actual list of medical supplies and benefiting facilities will be selected based on the needs of the medical facilities at the end of the fundraiser and submitted for approval by LHDN.
  5. Updates on fundraiser progress and use of funds at the end of the fundraiser will be viewable on Great Heart Charity’s social media pages and next quarterly report.
  6. All donations above RM30 are eligible for tax exemption. Should you require a receipt, please send your full name, phone number, IC number, home address and proof of donation to [email protected] and your receipt will be processed 4 weeks after the end of the fundraiser.
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Renovation Project | 独居公公家园翻新计划

RM 6,950.00


40 Donors

83-year-old Tew Ah Kaw lives alone in an old house in Durian Tunggal, Malacca, currently living on the RM300 given by the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) every month. His dilapidated home is a mosquito breeding ground, while the doors and windows are damaged.

Hygiene is a big problem for Uncle Tew, who doesn’t even have a bed to sleep on. Great Heart has decided to renovate his house, so that he can live comfortably!

这位独居公公Tew Ah Kaw今年83岁,独居于一间位于马六甲榴梿洞葛的老旧房子。他目前只靠着政府福利部(JKM)每个月所给予的RM300来过生活。他的房子外许多的杂草丛生,滋生了很多蚊虫,导致公公的身体时常被蚊虫叮咬。他的房子也已经残破不堪,门和窗口部分都已损坏,屋内的整洁与卫生也欠缺打理,甚至公公也没有床褥好好的睡觉。在经过我们耕心慈善协会的社工了解后,我们决定为这位公公翻新他的房子,让他至少能够有个稍微舒适点的避风港。

Funds needed: RM6500

1) Pest Control/除害虫 RM500
2) Cleaning of trees and grass/户外清理树木及杂草 RM2200
3) Painting/油漆 RM500
4) Outdoor cement flooring/户外石灰地 RM800
5) Mattress/床褥 RM300
6) Lamp/灯 RM200
7) Stand Fan/站立式风扇 RM100
8) Hanger/衣架子 RM50
9) Sofa/沙发 RM500
10) Doors (indoor, front door)/门 (室内/大门)RM230
11) Table/桌子 RM70
12) Sink/水槽 RM200
13) Shower Head/莲蓬头 RM50
14) Water and electricity workmanship/水电人工费 RM500
15) Other expenses/其他开销 RM300
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A Box For Every Soul

RM 1,500.00


28 Donors

“A Box for Every Soul”, a Lunch Box Fundraising event, held by Sunway University School of Hospitality and Service Management students. It aims to fundraise money to prepare lunch boxes for the beneficiaries such as underprivileged families.

As a group of university students, we would love to contribute our abilities and strengths by teaming up with Great Heart Charity Association to conduct the programs to help more people to get a sufficient and healthy meal during this COVID-19 period. It is noticed that many people do not have enough food to eat and it causes them to be unhealthy.

By raising RM1,500 for ‘A Box for Every Soul’, we are able to provide lunch boxes for an estimated number of 250 people who are facing hunger in this COVID-19 period. We hope that this project could raise awareness and give support to them. We are grateful to have you donating to this project to reach the target amount.

Funding needed: RM1,500
Fundraising period: 19th May – 19th June 2021

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Dedication of Love | 爱的奉献

Maximum Contribution RM 10,000.00

RM 10,000.00


43 Donors



Dedication of love
Initiated by a team of volunteers in Malacca, “Dedication of Love” is a charity fundraising activity, aimed at providing groceries and necessities aid to Malacca’s welfare homes to assist them in getting through the pandemic. The list of groceries or necessities will be purchased according to the needs of each welfare home.

筹款活动期限 |  Fundraising period :31/3/2021 – 30/4/2021
筹款目标 | Fundraising goal: RM10,000.00


募款者 | Fundraisers:
1. Coey Kuan 016-3468808
2. Keanzz Chin 018-9824983
3. Queneez Yap 014-6675799
4. Jenniferfern 019-6575593
5. Liew Chen Giap 018-9001527
6. Ethan Tan 012-9280951
7. Adrian Ho 013-6319898
8. Darrick Fong 016-9985175
9. Huat 019-5989108
受惠单位 | Selected welfare homes:
1. Agape Senior Home
2. Happiness Centre for the Mentally Disabled Children – Klebang
3. Salvatorian Home Malacca – Rembia
4. Pusat Jagaan Kasih Sayang Angel – Semabok
5. Pusat Jagaan Kasih Sayang Prasanna – Semabok
6. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Ceria/ Harapan Bukit Baru
+ other homes


Your kindness and support to us would mean the world to every beneficiaries. Be part of this great positive ripple effect and encourage your friends and family to be part of it too!
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Anonymous Hope

RM 1,050.00


22 Donors

Hello! We are a group of Sunway University students, currently in our final year of Diploma in Culinary Arts and Diploma in Hotel Management.

Anonymous Hope is created as part of our Community Service subject and has partnered with Great Heart Charity Association to help raise funds to purchase supplies for various underprivileged families in Malaysia.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with Malaysia being under its third lockdown, many families are struggling to make end’s meet. Therefore, with running this campaign, we hope to be able to provide some relief and support to these families.

Any amount of donation is welcomed! If you are unable to support through donations, please consider sharing it to your friends and families and on your social media platforms. Together, we can be the anonymous hope for these families.

Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 12th February – 1st March 2021

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The Youth, The Future

RM 1,503.00


22 Donors

‘The Youth, The Future’, a campaign held by Sunway University School of Hospitality and Service Management students. Our aim is to fundraise RM1000, which will allow us to purchase stationery and school supplies for the orphanage we will be helping, named “House of Joy”.

We, as University students would love to contribute to the best of our ability and reach out a helping hand to the unfortunates. Despite such challenging times during the pandemic, we hope that the children continue to love and enjoy learning as education is definitely one of an important part of our lives. Hence, we do hope that our contribution brings great support towards these children.

Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 15th February – 5th March 2021

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Another Tomorrow

RM 1,000.00


9 Donors

We are Diploma in Culinary Arts students from Sunway University. We are organizing a campaign, ‘Another Tomorrow’ in order to help those in need.

Another Tomorrow’s mission is to help the underprivileged families in Malaysia that have faced financial unstability during this pandemic.

Our goal is to help up to 4 or more families during these hard times.

Help us help these families in this time of need. Even a small donation could make a big difference.

Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 15th February – 5th March 2021

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Hands United

RM 1,352.18


12 Donors

This proposal is written by Hands United, a team of students from Sunway University currently studying Year 1 Diploma in Event Management. The objective of this proposal is to provide a brief overview of the plan and fundraise to underprivileged society.

It has come to the attention of Hands United that many underprivileged communities are struggling to get basic needs and resources. For example, groceries, food and medication. These issues have been caused due to the bad economy of the country affected by the pandemic and Movement Control Operation, these situations lead to people losing their job and being underpaid. Although the underprivileged communities are facing many struggles and stress, they are not being treated equally and respected as not many organisations or people are helping them.

Therefore, Hands United is planning to start a small business by selling cookies, snacks, and open for donations to increase funds for the underprivileged community. Hence, the team hoped to help them to get better resources.

Funding needed: RM1,500
Fundraising period: 12th February – 1st March 2021

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E-Card Fundraising Activity

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This charity event is run as a group effort between Sunway students and GREAT HEART to raise funds for the less fortunate. Donors are able to send their “blessings” toward the donors in the form of e-cards as a form of inspiration. The e-cards will be priced at RM1-2 each. However, there is no limit to how much you can donate, so go wild if you wish.

The Objective of this activity is to help the less unfortunate. Furthermore, we would want to create opportunities for the public to send wishes to the donators or confess to their loved ones in a unique way and at the same time to celebrate the festive season. 

Funding needed: RM500
Fundraising period: 15th February – 1st March 2021

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Funds For The Needy

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As we all know, the Covid-19 global pandemic has affected the economy drastically, many lower-income families have lost their sole source of income leaving them struggling to provide for their daily expenses. We will be working together with Great Heart Charity to help fund for the underprivileged families that are struggling during this pandemic season.

“Funds for the Needy” is a fundraising campaign organised by a group of energetic students from Diploma in Events Management of Sunway University.

Your small contribution will serve to provide temporary relief to struggling vulnerable communities.

Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 15th February – 28th February 2021

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HELP People, Change Lives

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The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the plight of the poor struggling to put food on the table especially children from these household who only been eating a meal a day. It got worse due to the loss of jobs as Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented. Tons of members from the lower-income family has lose their sole source of income leaving them struggling to meet day-to-day expenses. At this rate they are in jeopardy. These families need help, and they need it now.

Owing to that, Group 3 Humanitarian and Leadership Experience with collaboration of Great Heart Charity Association initiated a humanitarian effort to raise funds to help poor Malaysians with essential food supplies to meet their basic needs.

We hope that this gesture will serve to provide temporary relief to these vulnerable communities who are struggling to put food on the table during these struggling times.

Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 21 December 2020 – 22 January 2021

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Feed the Hungry – Lunch Box fundraising

RM 1,760.00


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This campaign, held by Sunway University students, is held to fundraise RM1350 which will allow us to prepare 270 lunchboxes for Lunch Box for the Hungry, a programme to help the underprivileged around the Great Heart Community Centre.

As a group of culinary students, we feel that the best project for our community service would be to utilise our skills and expertise to prepare lunchboxes. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, while most people can afford to stock up on necessities, there are underprivileged groups that are in desperate need of help during these trying times. Therefore, we hope that by running this project, we can offer some support for these vulnerable communities.

Funding needed: RM1,350 (RM5 x 270 lunchboxes)
Fundraising period: 17 October – 4 November

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Project OA – Orang Asli fundraising

RM 1,073.00


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We are a group of Sunway University currently pursuing BSc (Hons) in Culinary Management and BSc (Hons) in International Hospitality Management.

As part of our Community Service subject, our team decided to team up with Great Heart Charity Association to conduct Project O.A, which will help raise funds to purchase groceries for the often overlooked Orang Asli community in Pahang.

There are more than 50,000 Orang Asli families in Peninsular Malaysia. The current pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the Orang Asli communities. Many of them are isolated in the jungle, unable to meet basic needs, with little to no financial sustenance.

By raising RM1,000 for Project O.A, we will be able to donate grocery packs for more than 20 families – which is able to feed each family for a month!

Any amount of donations are welcome! Let’s continue to support Orang Asli families affected by COVID-19 in Malaysia.


Funding needed: RM1,000
Fundraising period: 17-31st October

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圆在中秋 | Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

RM 3,200.00


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[圆在中秋] is the capstone event by Great Heart’s Volunteer Training Program (VTP) 5.0 participants. This event, held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, aims to not only spread cheer by celebrating the festival with underprivileged children, but to also help their families in these tough times.

The one-day event, held at our community centre, will see games and other fun activities conducted by VTP5.0 volunteers for children aged 5-16. Their families –beneficiaries of Great Heart Community Centre– will also be given grocery care packs worth RM100 each.

Funding required: RM3,000

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63岁的 Gopal a/l Sinnthamby 老先生被诊断出患有末期肾病,也患了很严重的糖尿病,导致他右脚的截肢。他只能依靠社会福利局的辅助付他们的日常开销,却不足以支付他每月的洗肾开销。


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59岁的Sutini Binti Timbul 于5个月前刚失去丈夫,目前独居。失去依靠的她也因患病(高血压于肾病)被迫停止工作,生活陷入困苦。目前她只能依靠政府辅助金1000令吉来过活。



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59岁的 Hussen bin Abdullah 目前与他48岁的妻子,Mukaromah 生活在一起。妻子的工作是名女佣,每月收入只有800令吉。他们育有一位女儿,现在和婆婆居住在印尼。他以前是建筑工地的清洁工人,但因患上肾病而必须停工。后来,他又被诊断患有高血压和糖尿病,所以需要常去吉隆坡医院或附近的政府诊所预约看病。


耕心慈善希望得到大众的爱心和力量,帮助筹集 Hussen 从2019年7月到2020年1月的洗肾费用 (每月1,500令吉)。总凑款目标是10,500令吉!

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great heart online helping hand case 14


RM 2,612.00


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耕心慈善协会将帮他筹集每个月300令吉,从2019年5月到12月,总共2400令吉, 来减轻他妈妈的负担。

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great heart online helping hand case 13


RM 9,022.00


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Chang Ah Chai 先生,今年65岁,来自登嘉楼。20多年前来到吉隆坡打工。他目前仍然单身,独居在一个小小的店屋里,他的工作是在食档里帮忙老板卖鸡饭,一做就过了20年了。可惜在2017年的时候,他被诊断出患有高血压,糖尿病和末期肾病而需要去洗肾。每周需要洗肾三次,而每次洗肾就需要4个小时,非常辛苦及疲累的他却从没有想过要放弃治疗。


目前耕心慈善已经赞助了长达三个月(从2019年二月至四月),我们希望以大众的爱心和力量,我们可以凑到足够的款项来赞助他从2019年五月到2020年一月 – 每月1000令吉的洗肾费用,目标凑款是9,000令吉!

Great Heart Charity Night In Jonker Street Out Of Stock
Great Heart Charity Night In Jonker Street

《爱在耕心,古城之约》 Great Heart Charity Night In Jonker Street

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Meng Kwai Sim ,66岁,单身,父母在她年轻时就去世了,所以她靠自己的努力帮人打工将近30多年,在购物商场做推销员之类的工作. 可惜当她老了后,身体状况不佳的她患上了thyroid cancer, 肾病,高血压等导致她无法工作。肾病是个最让她头疼的病魔,因为每个星期她都需要洗肾三次,而且费用高达1500令吉以上.无依无靠的她目前一个人住在小小的家,靠着EPF 来负担家里费用和洗肾的费用. 她非常希望耕心慈善可以帮助她每个月720令吉的洗肾津贴,减少她的经济负担.

耕心慈善决定帮助Meng Kwai Sim 从2019年2月到7月的洗肾津贴, 每个月720令吉。(筹款总额: RM4320)

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Great Heart Charity Online Helping Hand - Case 11


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她是一位患有肾病的妈妈,有高血压,每个星期洗肾3次。目前自己经营一个小小的裁缝店(店铺上面),因为租金很贵,所以她说已经欠了几个月店屋租金(800令吉)没有去还,她一个月大概只赚1200令吉,大女儿和二女儿嫁出去了都有自己的家庭负担,还有一位在 Sabah 做工的小女儿也有自己的生活负担,女儿每个月只能给将近500令吉的家用而已。


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彭亨州Kampung Muadzam Shah 里其中有两个以村长名字命名的村,称为 Kampung Busu 和 Kampung Fauzi,目前靠着一口手挖的水井获取水源。每次水源不足的时候,他们只好把水井挖深。水井曾经干枯了1-2个月,实在是苦。由于井口建得太矮,这口水井的水源常常被井外的水土弄得浑浊。。


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计划名为“井”生有你,意思是“生”命之“井”都有“你”(大众)参与完成的。这项计划是马来西亚艺人Sampson、Wings Talent PLT与耕心慈善协会一同配合,为了帮助原住民们都有着一个干净的水源。


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精神病患女子 病发不受控制 无法工作

RM 3,550.00


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Chan Siew Hong, 32 岁, 父亲是本地华人,母亲是泰国人,有一个双胞胎姐姐和一名弟弟。父母已经离异,姐姐在怡保,弟弟在亚罗士打。但是她没有和家人联系,和她相依为命的婆婆已经去世,目前独自一人住在这个家。父母的离异,和家庭的困境,让她没有机会受过任何教育。她患有精神分裂症和严重的头疼,发作时会打墙和用东西去撞击自己的头。2年前有位朋友驾车带她去怡保中央医院看医生和取药来控制病情,之后因为那位朋友去世了,也没有人载她去怡保看医生(因为金宝政府医院没有相关的专科,没有钱坐巴士到怡保看医生,而且也担心独自在途中会病情发作)。

耕心慈善会在这个月开始为Chan Siew Hong总筹款数目为3500令吉。

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打着各种散工 单亲妈妈只挣500令吉

RM 3,860.00


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43岁的单亲妈妈 Prema 目前 养育着4 位孩子, 分别为 15,12,7和6 岁。这个家庭一向都依靠着 Prema 在四处打散工挣钱为生,包括帮朋友制作糕点,清洗屋子和清洗餐馆的盘子等。然而,Prema 每月平均的收入只有400-500令吉。前一阵子,他们曾经向大耳窿借过钱。现在大耳窿逼迫Prema利用已逝世老公的 SOCSO 津贴和目前政府福利部JKM 津贴来偿还债务。如今,孩子的校巴费用都成了问题。一向来不收房租的屋主也突然开始向Prema 讨300令吉的房租,让Prema的家庭陷入严重的财务状况。 Prema希望可以在她家楼下贩卖冰淇淋和零食,借此拥有更稳定的收入。


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RM 5,580.00


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Lim Chin Gee 是一位患有肾病和心脏衰弱的49岁爸爸。他的老婆和24岁的女儿都在Big mouth Restaurant, Bandar Botanic 里做服务员。每天工作接近12小时,也只是获得1200 和1700令吉的工资。Lim还有一位16岁的女儿,成绩优越,目前获得奖学金在一所独中免费就读。

他们住在店屋上面,10多年前爸爸曾经开过一个小小的电话店,但最后生意失败了。如今患病后也无法工作,所幸肾病的费用有 SOCSO 津贴,每月只需还160令吉而已。目前,家里的开销如租金,车期,交通,日常生活用品还是问题。耕心如今每个月帮助160令吉洗肾津贴,另外会安排义工每个月买300令吉的日常生活用品给他们。在此,耕心慈善为Lim Chin Gee和他的家人筹一年的资助费用(2018年9月 至 2019年8月 ),共RM5,520 ,借此减轻他们的家庭负担。

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RM 8,050.11


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53岁的Selvaraj A / L John Govindarajoo目前患有严重的糖尿病,心脏病和高血压。由于受到糖尿病的影响,他分别在2015年和2017年痛失了双腿。与其他拥有相同遭遇的人不同,Selvaraj不但没有沉溺在悲痛中,他反而决心寻求慈善机构或非政府组织的帮助以便可以获得一只义肢(左)。由于费用高达7,500令吉,他目前尚未寻获任何的赞助。他的妻子是为家庭养家糊口的人。她目前在正担任秘书职位支撑女儿的大学教育费用以及每月的家庭开支。尽管他的双腿被截肢,Selvaraj仍然努力的工作。他平日依靠他的轮椅行动,在Ixora公寓担任兼职管理员。他希望可以向公众筹款购买一只左义肢,这样他就可以从事全职的管理员工作,不再需要依靠轮椅。


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金宝 – 76岁的郑好独居在小山坡的一所破旧不堪的祖屋内。由于长期缺乏维修,屋子早已惨遭白蚁蛀蚀,岌岌可危。此外,山后的猴子多次从屋檐的通风口潜入屋内捣蛋。到市集里捡物品是郑婆婆每日的活动。这些被视为可售的物品随后被囤积在屋内外的各个角落,为屋子添加多一番凌乱,也间接成为了蚊虫的温床。

2) 1300 令吉 家具用品费用,包括床褥,床架,橱柜,垃圾桶。
3) 6200令吉装修费用,包括楼梯手扶把,建设厕所,厨房水盆和水管,屋顶铁网。

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Yap En Boo @ Yap Ah Mai, 今年71岁, 有9个儿女。她的儿女大多已成立家庭。目前, 一位儿子和女儿与她同住。儿子平日做散工贴补屋租,而女儿则是一名34岁的唐氏综合症人士。在每个星期二,四和六,耕心慈善义工会送饭盒到她的家。 其他的孩子偶尔会贴补她每个月约一、两百令吉的家用,所以日子勉强还过得去。通过网罗援手,她希望可以获得多一些生活津贴,也希望患有唐氏综合症的女儿可以在筹款的这段期间找到一份家庭工作 (手工之类的工作)帮补家用。

耕心慈善决定帮助她生活津贴帮补家用,目标筹款为1800 令吉,希望患有唐氏综合症的女儿可以在筹款的这段期间找到一份家庭工作 (手工之类的工作)。

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患病华妇孤苦无依 缴了房租就没钱吃饭!

RM 5,200.00


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耕心慈善决定帮助她长达1年的房租,目标筹款为5100 令吉,先帮他减轻负担,再看看如何帮助她自力更生。

Persatuan Kasih Sejati (Great Heart Charity Association) is an institution listed under Section 44(6) ITA 1967, LHDN Malaysia. Hence, all donations above RM 30 are tax exempt under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 from 1 Feb 2019 to 31 Jan 2022.