Hope for Silence Tears Fundraiser by Hanisya #Recollection

Care in hand, love in heart
The world will always be a better place when we help each other.

I remember last year when I visited one of our beneficiaries in the dialysis centre. She told a story of her life, suffering from kidney failure and not having any capacity to survive. She wanted to give up because she thought she was alone and didn’t want to burden anyone.

To be honest, it was a heartbreak to hear this. If I were at her place, I would feel the same thing. But I don’t want her to face this alone, even though she’s not related to me.

We are all humans who need each other to be stronger physically and mentally. This year is the 10th anniversary of Great Heart Charity. As a social worker here, I want to work together with my team on this campaign, targeting RM10 each, so we can give more hope to those who need it.

We would not have been able to extend our support and services to all the beneficiaries under our care without the kind support and donations from our generous donors, such as yourself. Each cent matters, and our support is a hope for them.

Let’s support each other for a better life of everyone.


RM 520.00


RM 3,000.00 Goal

2 Donors

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