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#GiftOfHope – Great Heart Charity Fundraiser 2022

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253 Donors

Bringing #GiftOfHope to those in need! We are now FUNDRAISING for 2023!
With the increasing number of underprivileged families in need from the B40 and M40 communities, combined with the current state of our economy, our funds are rapidly depleting as we worked hard to accommodate each cry for help over the past years.
GHCA aims to provide support to:
Underprivileged families
🧡 Dialysis patients
💛 Indigenous community
💚 Old folks
💙 Children
💜 Disabled person
As a result, from 15 November 2022 to 15 December 2022, we hope to raise a total of RM700,000.00 and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to carry out our mission for the coming year and accumulate enough funds to sustain our beneficiaries from each category.
Your SUPPORT is the KEY, and your contribution is our HOPE! Let’s join hands and make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.
To donate, scan the QR code or you may donate directly to our bank account!
Bank account details:
Maybank 5127 8106 0342 (Persatuan Kasih Sejati)


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A Charity Fundraiser by Andrew #Recollection

RM 61,680.00


19 Donors


为了在接下来 2024 年至 2025 年继续履行我们的使命,并筹集足够的资金,我在这里诚挚地寻求更多的支持。我们相信,共同努力和支持将为我们的社会带来更多温暖,创造更美好的未来。因为在我的故事中,每一个人,包括您,都是这个温暖故事的主角。每一份捐赠,不论大小,都是这个故事中的一个重要章节,一个充满希望的画面。

您也可以参加我们耕心慈善晚宴 2023年,这是一个旨在筹集资金的晚宴。如果您有意购买席位,请随时与我联系或私信我。RM30.00 以上的捐助都能获取免税收据。



A Charity Fundraiser by Fenny Chee #Recollection

RM 21,161.00


20 Donors








A Charity Fundraiser by Munyan #Recollection

RM 5,500.00


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Hi, I’m Munyan.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Great Heart Charity Association. I would like to support the association’s mission in raising fund to support the charity programs in the year 2024-2025. We are on a mission to support the 6 caring targets, underprivileged families, dialysis patients, charity homes, orang Asli community & B40 students in their education pursuits.

Your contribution, regardless of its size, holds the power to make a meaningful impact:

RM50 Feeds 10: For every RM50 donated, you can provide a nourishing meal to 10 individuals in need.

RM150 Saves a Life: With a donation of RM150, you can fund one dialysis treatment for a kidney failure patient.

RM300 Supports a Family: A donation of RM300 ensures that a needy family receives a month’s worth of grocery supplies.

Your generosity can alleviate the burden of those in need. If you believe in the work I do, support my fundraiser and together let’s make a change. No amount is too small when it comes to making a difference, every ringing counts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Be the Reason Someone Smile Today Fundraiser by Ashreen #Recollection

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Hi ! I’m Ashreen 


As a social worker, I’ve witnessed the hardships faced by many in our community. The families I’ve met are struggling to make ends meet, with children to raise and monthly expenses that seem insurmountable. 


This is our 10 year anniversary for the Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA). Let’s support our fundraising to spread love and kindness through the Great Heart Charity Programs in 2024-2025. Your support means the world to us. 


Under GHCA Our mission is clear to uplift lives in our community. Such as support aids in dialysis treatments, provides essential groceries, helps launch small businesses, and so much more. 


I’m overjoyed by the support so far! Please help me reach my fundraising goal even faster by sharing my fundraiser link with your friends and loved ones. Every share brings us one step closer to making a difference together. Thank you for your kindness and generosity! 

Bersedekah Sambil Beramal! – Fundraiser by Zawawee #Recollection

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Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

Bersempena Ulang Tahun ke-10 penubuhan Persatuan Kasih Sejati, mari saya ceritakan serba sedikit pengalaman saya sepanjang berkecimpung di dalam dunia Kebajikan & Kemasyarakatan.


Saya Zawawee, salah seorang pekerja di Persatuan Kasih Sejati. Tahun ini merupakan tahun ke-5 saya menceburkan diri dalam aktiviti kebajikan & kemasyarakatan. Sepanjang 5 tahun disini, pelbagai aktiviti kebajikan & kemasyarakatan telah dijalankan oleh Persatuan Kasih Sejati tanpa mengira keturunan, bangsa serta agama. 


Pada saya kewujudan persatuan ini memberikan impak kepada masyarakat. Kami sedia upaya menyantuni masyarakat khususnya golongan B40 tanpa mengira keturunan, bangsa serta agama dengan memberikan pelbagai bantuan untuk memastikan mereka dapat meneruskan kelangsungan hidup. (


Untuk menjalankan aktiviti kebajikan & kemasyarakatan memerlukan sejumlah dana yang besar untuk menampung kos operasi sesebuah persatuan. Dana adalah penentu samada setiap aktiviti kebajikan & kemasyarakatan dapat dijalankan dengan jayanya. 


Oleh itu, bersempena dengan Ulang Tahun Penubuhan Persatuan Kasih Sejati yang ke-10, saya dengan rendah hati menyeru serta memohon sumbangan/ sedekah dari pihak tuan & puan untuk membiayai serta menyokong segala usaha kebajikan & kemasyarakatan yang dijalankan oleh Persatuan Kasih Sejati. Sedekah dari tuan & puan dapat memastikan segala program kebajikan & kemasyarakatan yang dijalankan oleh persatuan dalam usaha menyantuni golongan B40 tanpa mengira keturunan, bangsa serta agama dapat diteruskan.


Saya memetik hadis riwayat Muslim yang menyatakan:

“Sedekah itu tidak akan mengurangi harta. Tidak ada orang yang memberi maaf kepada orang lain melainkan Allah akan menambah kemuliaannya, dan tidak ada orang yang merendahkan diri kerana Allah melainkan Allah akan mengangkat darjatnya.”




Every Cent Counts ; Fundraiser by Nazihah #Recollection

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4 Donors

As a social worker, I’d like to share my incredible journey with Great Heart as we work together to uplift the B40 community and students. Over my 4 year journey, I have encountered emotions, from heart- sadness and hardships to heartwarming moments of happiness and valuable life lessons. I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles that many of these individuals face. Some face the challenge of affording basic baby equipment, while others are diligently saving up to provide a comfortable vehicle for their children. There are grandparents who tirelessly operate small businesses from their homes just to generate an income, covering their daily living expenses. And then, there are those who are bravely battling with their diseases while still trying to provide for their families. The diverse challenges and obstacles they confront in their lives are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Yet, through it all, they remain determined to create the best possible life for their families. The Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) stands as a beacon of hope for them, always striving to approach their unique life journeys with compassion and understanding. We work tirelessly to ensure that the assistance we provide is tailored to their specific needs, recognizing that everyone’s circumstances are unique.

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Fundraiser by Golden Key Society (GKS)

RM 2,002.36


29 Donors

Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS) Multimedia University Melaka Campus are currently collaborating with Great Heart Charity Association Malaysia to organize an online fundraiser. The aim of this online fundraiser is to raise funds to sustain the association’s upcoming years charity program. The association targets to extend a helping hand to underprivileged families, dialysis patients, indigenous community, old folks, children, and disabled person. Besides helping the underprivileged community, it will also inspire others to incorporate charitable giving into everyday life and assist in meeting the requirements of an expanding number of impoverished families. Through this collaboration, Service Pillar of Golden key Society Multimedia University hopes to instill a spirit of generosity in each individual who attends the fundraising activities.


Target: RM2,000.00

Fundraising Date: 17 December 2022 – 31 December 2022


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Fundraiser by UiTM Students’ Surgical Association (USSA)

RM 931.00


18 Donors

UiTM Students’ Surgical Association (USSA) dengan kerjasama beberapa kelab persatuan fakulti perubatan UiTM sedang mencari dana sumbangan (Online Fundraising) untuk mengadakan satu program yang akan memberi bantuan sumbangan kepada golongan-golongan miskin , asnaf , OKU dan anak-anak yatim di sekitar kawasan selangor. Bantuan ini akan disalurkan dalam pelbagai bentuk termasuklah sumbangan makanan dan wang yang akan sedikit sebanyak mengukir senyuman di wajah mereka, insan yang kurang bernasib baik. Di dalam rangkaan juga untuk mengadakan pemeriksaan kesihatan dan membangunkan kesedaran tentang penyakit-penyakit yang terkenal di negara kita terutamanya golongan ini yang kurang mendapat perhatian dan sering disisihkan masyarakat.

Berat mata memandang kesusahan yang mereka alami, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Kami amat berharap sumbangan budi dari pihak Tuan/Puan dan jangan lepaskan kesempatan ini untuk menderma kerana ini adalah suatu peluang untuk melakukan amal baik kepada mereka.

Give a little, Help a lot #Recollection

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8 Donors

Unlock the power of giving with just RM10! In conjunction of Great Heart Charity Association 10th Year Anniversary, let’s contribute RM10 to create ripples of positive change! At Great Heart, we’re on a mission to support dialysis patients and underprivileged families.


By donating RM10, you’re not just giving money; you’re giving hope, support, and a brighter future to those in need. With every donation, no matter the size, together we can make a lasting impact on our community.


Your generosity is the driving force behind our mission, and we’re immensely grateful for your support. Let’s come together and create a better world, one RM10 at a time.


Fundraising Period: Sept 2023 to Nov 2023

Fundraising Target: RM 3,000.00

Giving Back To the Society Where We Belong – Fundraiser by Tony #Recollection

RM 520.00


2 Donors

Back when I was still studying, I aspired that I would grab any opportunity to help the people in need, particularly the underprivileged communities that are being slowly forgotten by us.


Fast forward after volunteering in Great Heart for 4 years, I finally found the right place to commit the way I want by ready for service for the B40 communities.


As the Great Heart Charity’s Gala Dinner 2023 approaches, the association will soon highlight the commitments made for the underprivileged groups for the past 10 years, and it will continue to go as long as they need in order to continue fulfilling our slogan of Care In Hand, Love In Heart. This is where we rely on contributors and donors to support our charitable missions.


If you wish to join us to support charitable activities like we do, please do not hesitate to join to fulfil our fundraiser goal for the Gala Dinner 2023 campaign. As it always, each Ringgit and Cents are always appreciated, because they are life support for the underprivileged people.


At the end of the day, we all would have realizes that we are slowly contributing back to the society to which we belong.

Hope for Silence Tears Fundraiser by Hanisya #Recollection

RM 520.00


2 Donors

Care in hand, love in heart
The world will always be a better place when we help each other.

I remember last year when I visited one of our beneficiaries in the dialysis centre. She told a story of her life, suffering from kidney failure and not having any capacity to survive. She wanted to give up because she thought she was alone and didn’t want to burden anyone.

To be honest, it was a heartbreak to hear this. If I were at her place, I would feel the same thing. But I don’t want her to face this alone, even though she’s not related to me.

We are all humans who need each other to be stronger physically and mentally. This year is the 10th anniversary of Great Heart Charity. As a social worker here, I want to work together with my team on this campaign, targeting RM10 each, so we can give more hope to those who need it.

We would not have been able to extend our support and services to all the beneficiaries under our care without the kind support and donations from our generous donors, such as yourself. Each cent matters, and our support is a hope for them.

Let’s support each other for a better life of everyone.


Let’s Work Together For A Better Community – Fundraiser by SaM #Recollection

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0 Donors

Greetings & Salam To Our Readers,

Today, We Have A Message Of Hope, Compassion, & Unity. A Message That Speaks To The Very Essence Of What It Means To Be Human – The Power To Make A Positive Difference In Someone’s Lives Through Charity. We Live In A World Where It Is Often Filled With Challenges, Hardships & Inequalities. Yet, In The Face Of Adversity, We Also Possess The Incredible Ability To Extend A Helping Hand To Those In Need. It Is This Ability That Forms The Cornerstone Of Charity That Has The Potential To Transform The Lives Of Countless Individuals & Communities As A Whole.


~ Together Let’s Make A Positive Impact To Make Someone Smile Genuinely Today ~

May Peace & Blessings Of Almighty Be Upon Those Who Laugh With Years Of Crying In Their Hearts .. Those Who Choose To Live Even Though Life Hasn’t Agreed With Them Yet !!” 


– Thanking You & Kind Regards,

Make Small Dreams Turn Into Big Realities Fundraiser by Miera #Recollection

RM 140.00


5 Donors

I am Miera, serving as a dedicated Partnership Executive at the heart of Great Heart Charity. My journey with Great Heart Charity has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with the privilege of meeting countless remarkable individuals. These encounters have transcended age, gender, and social class, as the warmth and kindness of each person have left an indelible mark on my heart.


In conjunction with the 10th year Anniversary, it is my time to reciprocate this kindness, especially to those who are most in need. Throughout my tenure, I’ve had the privilege of supporting numerous B40 families and students hailing from underprivileged backgrounds. These experiences have ignited a deep-seated passion within me to make an even greater impact on their lives.


It is my heartfelt hope that we can all join hands, united in our mission to extend a helping hand to every soul in need. Together, we can create a brighter, more equitable world where the light of compassion shines brightly for all.


With immense gratitude and unwavering determination,


Partnership Executive, Great Heart Charity

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Mother: One Heart, Many Hats

RM 3,000.00


35 Donors

This Mother’s Day, we’re rallying to make their day a little brighter, to let them know their efforts are seen and celebrated.


About This Campaign

With a fundraising target of RM3000, we plan to support 10 underprivileged single mothers.

Each mother will receive a one-off essential grocery valued at RM150, ensuring their households are well-taken care of.

Additionally, we’ll present each mother with a special set including a cookware set and fresh flowers, to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Why only Single Mothers?

Single mothers navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination, often without the support they deserve. Our campaign is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable strength and resilience of all single mothers.

Campaign Period:

1st to 15th May 2024



No Human Is Limited – Fundraiser by Intan #Recollection

RM 820.00


12 Donors

Dear compassionate souls,

Today, I pen these words not just as a social worker at the Great Heart charity but as someone who has embarked on a personal journey.

My pledge was not just to climb Mount Kinabalu but to ascend its towering heights in honor of a milestone – the 10th anniversary of the Great Heart Charity’s remarkable journey.

I undertake this challenge because, until now, I have never delved into the world of charity fundraising, and it’s high time I do something extraordinary to celebrate a decade of lending a hand to those in need.

I believe that in life, we don’t get to choose the challenges we face or the circumstances that befall us.

We don’t get to choose to get hurt or betrayed.

We don’t get to determine when illness strikes or when we find ourselves in the grip of sickness.

But we do get to choose how we respond.

We get to choose to stand up, to get back up, to lend a hand, to embrace the change and definitely get to choose to try again.

No human is limited by their circumstances, and this belief is a guiding light through my journey with Great Heart.

The journey up Mount Kinabalu, had pushed me to my limits, leaving me physically tired and mentally exhausted. However, every exhausting step, every bead of sweat, and every moment of doubt were undeniably worth it, all-in fulfilment of my pledge for a good cause.

This journey, symbolizes the resilience we all carry within us, even in the face of immense challenges. Each step I took, metaphorically symbolizes to the strength of the human heart and the boundless capacity for kindness and compassion that resides in each of us.

My fundraising campaign serves a purpose which to raise funds for those among us who find themselves in challenging circumstances and dire need.

Through these collective efforts and commitment, we in Great Heart aspires to extend a helping hand to individuals and families who are facing adversity, showing them that they are not alone in their struggle.

I invite you to support me on this fundraising journey.

Your support, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.
Together, we can prove that when we choose to react with love and kindness, we can overcome any obstacle and make the world a better place for all, one hand extended at a time.

No human is limited.

Thank You
Intan Aida