Giving Back To the Society Where We Belong – Fundraiser by Tony #Recollection

Back when I was still studying, I aspired that I would grab any opportunity to help the people in need, particularly the underprivileged communities that are being slowly forgotten by us.


Fast forward after volunteering in Great Heart for 4 years, I finally found the right place to commit the way I want by ready for service for the B40 communities.


As the Great Heart Charity’s Gala Dinner 2023 approaches, the association will soon highlight the commitments made for the underprivileged groups for the past 10 years, and it will continue to go as long as they need in order to continue fulfilling our slogan of Care In Hand, Love In Heart. This is where we rely on contributors and donors to support our charitable missions.


If you wish to join us to support charitable activities like we do, please do not hesitate to join to fulfil our fundraiser goal for the Gala Dinner 2023 campaign. As it always, each Ringgit and Cents are always appreciated, because they are life support for the underprivileged people.


At the end of the day, we all would have realizes that we are slowly contributing back to the society to which we belong.

RM 520.00


RM 3,000.00 Goal

2 Donors

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