No Human Is Limited – Fundraiser by Intan #Recollection

Dear compassionate souls,

Today, I pen these words not just as a social worker at the Great Heart charity but as someone who has embarked on a personal journey.

My pledge was not just to climb Mount Kinabalu but to ascend its towering heights in honor of a milestone – the 10th anniversary of the Great Heart Charity’s remarkable journey.

I undertake this challenge because, until now, I have never delved into the world of charity fundraising, and it’s high time I do something extraordinary to celebrate a decade of lending a hand to those in need.

I believe that in life, we don’t get to choose the challenges we face or the circumstances that befall us.

We don’t get to choose to get hurt or betrayed.

We don’t get to determine when illness strikes or when we find ourselves in the grip of sickness.

But we do get to choose how we respond.

We get to choose to stand up, to get back up, to lend a hand, to embrace the change and definitely get to choose to try again.

No human is limited by their circumstances, and this belief is a guiding light through my journey with Great Heart.

The journey up Mount Kinabalu, had pushed me to my limits, leaving me physically tired and mentally exhausted. However, every exhausting step, every bead of sweat, and every moment of doubt were undeniably worth it, all-in fulfilment of my pledge for a good cause.

This journey, symbolizes the resilience we all carry within us, even in the face of immense challenges. Each step I took, metaphorically symbolizes to the strength of the human heart and the boundless capacity for kindness and compassion that resides in each of us.

My fundraising campaign serves a purpose which to raise funds for those among us who find themselves in challenging circumstances and dire need.

Through these collective efforts and commitment, we in Great Heart aspires to extend a helping hand to individuals and families who are facing adversity, showing them that they are not alone in their struggle.

I invite you to support me on this fundraising journey.

Your support, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.
Together, we can prove that when we choose to react with love and kindness, we can overcome any obstacle and make the world a better place for all, one hand extended at a time.

No human is limited.

Thank You
Intan Aida

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RM 3,000.00 Goal

12 Donors

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