Every Cent Counts ; Fundraiser by Nazihah #Recollection

As a social worker, I’d like to share my incredible journey with Great Heart as we work together to uplift the B40 community and students. Over my 4 year journey, I have encountered emotions, from heart- sadness and hardships to heartwarming moments of happiness and valuable life lessons. I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles that many of these individuals face. Some face the challenge of affording basic baby equipment, while others are diligently saving up to provide a comfortable vehicle for their children. There are grandparents who tirelessly operate small businesses from their homes just to generate an income, covering their daily living expenses. And then, there are those who are bravely battling with their diseases while still trying to provide for their families. The diverse challenges and obstacles they confront in their lives are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Yet, through it all, they remain determined to create the best possible life for their families. The Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) stands as a beacon of hope for them, always striving to approach their unique life journeys with compassion and understanding. We work tirelessly to ensure that the assistance we provide is tailored to their specific needs, recognizing that everyone’s circumstances are unique.

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