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You and Me Educational Program by Great Heart Charity Association
You and Me Educational Program by Great Heart Charity Association


Donation: RM50 – RM3000

We actively collaborate with students from various societies in schools and universities. Talks and sharing sessions are conducted for the students who will then take the initiative to organise community projects with Great Heart acting as partners by providing guidance and funding. Great Heart supports up to 12 groups of students every year where we will provide each student groups with mentorship, knowledge tools, and funding for them to spearhead their very own charity projects.

This would require up to RM3,000 of seed funding for each student group. The students have the opportunity to help the needy while getting experience in charity work.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every ringgit counts!

Annual Funding Required:
RM3,000 x 12 student groups = RM36,000.00

You & Me : Act of Kindness, Love in Abundance

You & Me is a knowledge sharing sessions and are conducted for school and university students so that they initiate and organise charity projects with Great Heart partnering them as mentor and funder.

Act of Kindness, Love in Abundance. As our slogan goes, we aim to help those in need with an act of kindness. During these trying times, there are many who struggle and suffer from the current pandemic and we aim to show a helping hand. Our goal is to raise a total of RM500 to be provided to those in need.

We are students from The One Academy and we hope you will extend your hand to help us to fill this world with many acts of kindness, and an abundance of love.


Fundraising Date: 3/11/2021 – 5/12/2021

Fundraising Target: RM500