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Donation: RM50 – RM2000

Lunch Box for the Hungry is a food donation project that aims to feed the hungry, destitute, and poor living within the vicinity of GHCC with the hope that it may ease their burden. Free lunches are given out to pre-registered and walk-in clients in the form of prepacked lunch boxes at GHCC Monday-Saturday (except public holidays) and this requires RM43,680 every month.


Free TCM Treatment is for the underprivileged to receive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for free. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, GHCC conducts a half-day free TCM check-up and treatment session for underprivileged groups, especially those from old folks’ homes.


Classes and Activities are held weekly for children from underprivileged families. Tuition classes for Bahasa Malaysia and English are held every Saturday, while diabolo, yoga, taekwondo, baking, Chinese calligraphy and singing classes are held throughout the month, which requires RM2,000 monthly.


The Community Garden at GHCC covers over 2,000 square feet of land area where volunteers get to learn, work, and sweat together to grow crops of vegetables for the community.


Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every ringgit counts!


Annual funding required:

Lunch Box for the Hungry:
RM 43,680 x 12 months = RM 524,160.00

Medical Check Up for the Needy:
RM 1,500 x 12 months = RM 18,000.00

Classes and Activities:
RM 2,000 x 12 months = RM 24,000.00

Community Garden:
RM 2,000 x 12 months = RM 24,000.00

Total = RM 590,160.00

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Family Care Support Initiatives

The Great Heart Covid-19 Response & Relief Aid 2021 project is aimed to provide continuous humanitarian assistance to parties affected by the pandemic.

The following initiatives are set up to ensure those affected can continue their livelihood during this desperate time. GHCA shows support and concern for individuals or families who need assistance during the pandemic and economic uncertainties. GHCA provides eligible applicants from B40 families with financial aid or in-kind donation to ease their burden.


List of Initiatives

1.1 Great Heart Covid-19 Relief Aid 2.0

1.2 Hand-in-Hand Family Care Support (Year 2022)

1.3 Groceries for the Urban Poor  





CAMPAIGN END DATE: 31 December 2021

With the exceeded fund raised, shall be channeled to our ongoing programs, projects, and other needs of the organisation.


Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

017 884 8592 

012 278 2390

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Feed the Hungry – Lunch Box fundraising

This campaign, held by Sunway University students, is held to fundraise RM1350 which will allow us to prepare 270 lunchboxes for Lunch Box for the Hungry, a programme to help the underprivileged around the Great Heart Community Centre.

As a group of culinary students, we feel that the best project for our community service would be to utilise our skills and expertise to prepare lunchboxes. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, while most people can afford to stock up on necessities, there are underprivileged groups that are in desperate need of help during these trying times. Therefore, we hope that by running this project, we can offer some support for these vulnerable communities.

Funding needed: RM1,350 (RM5 x 270 lunchboxes)
Fundraising period: 17 October – 4 November

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Medical Equipment Donation Project

Due to the shortages in various medical equipment at government hospitals with the high influx of Covid-19 patients, the situation has overwhelmed healthcare workers at the hospitals. GHCA and its partners contribute medical equipment to selected governmental hospitals based on the respective hospitals’ needs.

We are targeting RM506,560.00 for this project. With the exceeded fund from the donation, shall be utilized to help more health care centers.




CAMPAIGN END DATE: 31 December 2021



Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

013 933 8888

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The Greener Good

For The Greener Good is an online fundraising campaign held by a group of Sunway University Psychology students aiming to sustainably lighten the burden of those facing food insecurity.

The funds raised will go towards helping maintain the community garden at Great Heart Charity Community Centre. The harvested crops from the community garden will then be distributed to the underprivileged.

Our mission is to spread social awareness about food insecurity in Malaysia and to create greater change for the greener good. If you would like to help those in need, it is as simple as our slogan! Simply donate, and we will plant and feed.


Fundraising target: RM 1, 000
Fundraising duration: 11/02/2022 – 28/02/2022


For any inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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圆在中秋 | Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

[圆在中秋] is the capstone event by Great Heart’s Volunteer Training Program (VTP) 5.0 participants. This event, held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, aims to not only spread cheer by celebrating the festival with underprivileged children, but to also help their families in these tough times.

The one-day event, held at our community centre, will see games and other fun activities conducted by VTP5.0 volunteers for children aged 5-16. Their families –beneficiaries of Great Heart Community Centre– will also be given grocery care packs worth RM100 each.

Funding required: RM3,000