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Patients of kidney failure go for dialysis treatments three times a week. This causes financial strain for low-income patients as each dialysis session and the injection combined can cost up to RM250. Some patients even refuse treatment because they do not want to be a financial burden to their families.

Great Heart supports 25 low-income families undergoing dialysis treatment every month by subsidising their monthly medical fees, from a minimum of RM260 to a maximum of RM1500 per family for a period of 6 months. During our support period, we also help families apply for government-aided dialysis subsidies. Nevertheless, we require RM16,000 per month in order for us to continue running this program.

Every donation is highly valued and crucial for us to continue our work. Every ringgit counts!

Annual Funding required:
RM16,000 monthly x 12 months = RM192,000.00