Tan Hock Chuan used to be working as a welder in iron factory with his Rm2000 salary. However, when he gets older, he started to lose his strength and then unable to work there anymore. He has been unemployed for few months due to his weak physical condition. Fortunately in March, he get a new job as a security guard in Econmart with Rm1000 salary.

Few months of unemployment makes his family unable to afford his house rental and foods. His wife, Mei Fong even tried to collect rubbish cans and cartons on the road in order to earn more income.

Great Heart Charity has helped Tan’s family in her rental debt (Rm1250) and groceries for them in March so their kids aren’t starving, and Rm250 rental support for April and May 2017 As a token of appreciation, Mei Fong helped us to clean the Great Heart community centre. However, they still needed at least Rm250 rental support every month because their living expense is huge with 3 kids.



他们在5月后每个月至少需要Rm250租金支持,因为三名孩子的教育费和生活费用很大,仅仅爸爸的Rm1000 人工是无法养育一家人。希望大众慷慨解囊帮助陈先生一家。