75-year-old women, with hearing, heart and knee problems, and fragile bones, is only supported by RM300 from government aid to buy medicine. Her youngest brother who aged more than sixty years old can only help her sister is to pay utilities and the rental is supported by her younger sister.

They are afraid that her body is getting really weak when they could not afford to buy some chicken or meat for her sister to enhance her body protein. She is very grateful to say that Great Heart Charity is helping her to buy fish, chicken, pork and herbs in order to enhance the physical health of Kim Eng.

Great Heart Charity will be helping Lim Kim Eng’s for RM300 monthly on healthy food for one year.

看着姐姐日渐消瘦,身体虚弱,她叹气说自己真的无能力给姐姐吃补品。75岁的林婆婆,随着身体各器官的退化, 听觉、心脏和膝盖都有问题,骨骼更日趋 “脆弱”。她71 岁的二妹说: 单身的姐姐每月只有政府RM300的援助金来买药物。最小的弟弟都六十多岁了,能为姐姐做的只是缴付水电费。这些年,姐姐吃的、用的都是由她提供。

耕心慈善给予Lim Kim Eng 婆婆 每月RM300的粮食和日用品援助金,为期1年。