#FacesOfGreatHeart: Shayne

  Shayne came to know about Great Heart through an internship where she did everything from assessments to events! She’s now with Great Heart full-time and works on our accounts, and is driven by the fact that all acts of kindness bring a spark of light and joy to those who receive it.

#FacesOfGreatHeart: Tony

  Meet Tony! In his time with Great Heart, he has been involved in everything from assessments to administrative work. He believes that charity is not only necessary, but also a responsibility. Here is what he has to say about social work, along with a photo of him living out his truth by serving others!

#FacesOfGreatHeart: Nazihah

  Being kind doesn’t just change a heart; it changes the world! Our social worker for Great Vision Charity Association, Nazihah Maiddin is passionate about her work with underprivileged families and students, and believes that one act of compassion is enough to change the course of one’s life.  

#FacesOfGreatHeart: Angie

  Angie Ng runs the day to day operations at the Great Heart Community Centre and believes that kind actions reflect a kind heart, and that showing kindness begins with you and me! Here is what she has to say about social work along with an image of what she does best – helping!  

#FacesOfGreatHeart: Fenny

  If you’ve been to the Great Heart Community Centre (GHCC), you may have met Fenny Chee! Fenny is a familiar face in GHCC, looking out for our beneficiaries with a smile. Fenny believes that small actions can create a big impact, which she lives out in everything that she does. Spread kindness to someone…

#FacesOfGreatHeart: Mew Wai

  Do you ever feel too small to make a change? Mel Wai, who’s a part of our Event Team, thinks that anyone can change the world by starting with themselves! From her cruelty-free vegan diet to her large-scale events, Mew Wai believes in showing kindness to all people (and all animals) in everything that…