Pave Our Way, #GiftOfHope

RM 290.00


RM 3,000.00 Goal

9 Donors


Being kind is a choice, a choice we can rejoice…

Being a social worker, a full-time volunteer, we pave our way together to make the world greater.

Nothing can stop us from doing good, from being kind and from the love we share to those we care.

Greetings and good day, I am now raising funds for an incredible cause, one that inspires me and makes me believe that we can all believe and work together to help and care for those in need.

My target is RM3,000.00 and I hope to achieve my target by the end of the fundraiser.

For every donation of RM50 & above, request me a story, a poem or any special request, as long as it’s in my power and ability, I will do my best to fulfill on any.


Campaign Closed