Renovation Project | 独居公公家园翻新计划

RM 6,950.00


RM 6,500.00 Goal

40 Donors

83-year-old Tew Ah Kaw lives alone in an old house in Durian Tunggal, Malacca, currently living on the RM300 given by the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) every month. His dilapidated home is a mosquito breeding ground, while the doors and windows are damaged.

Hygiene is a big problem for Uncle Tew, who doesn’t even have a bed to sleep on. Great Heart has decided to renovate his house, so that he can live comfortably!

这位独居公公Tew Ah Kaw今年83岁,独居于一间位于马六甲榴梿洞葛的老旧房子。他目前只靠着政府福利部(JKM)每个月所给予的RM300来过生活。他的房子外许多的杂草丛生,滋生了很多蚊虫,导致公公的身体时常被蚊虫叮咬。他的房子也已经残破不堪,门和窗口部分都已损坏,屋内的整洁与卫生也欠缺打理,甚至公公也没有床褥好好的睡觉。在经过我们耕心慈善协会的社工了解后,我们决定为这位公公翻新他的房子,让他至少能够有个稍微舒适点的避风港。

Funds needed: RM6500

1) Pest Control/除害虫 RM500
2) Cleaning of trees and grass/户外清理树木及杂草 RM2200
3) Painting/油漆 RM500
4) Outdoor cement flooring/户外石灰地 RM800
5) Mattress/床褥 RM300
6) Lamp/灯 RM200
7) Stand Fan/站立式风扇 RM100
8) Hanger/衣架子 RM50
9) Sofa/沙发 RM500
10) Doors (indoor, front door)/门 (室内/大门)RM230
11) Table/桌子 RM70
12) Sink/水槽 RM200
13) Shower Head/莲蓬头 RM50
14) Water and electricity workmanship/水电人工费 RM500
15) Other expenses/其他开销 RM300

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    Jeyarani Sellappah

    I reside in Adelaide, South Australia
    I would like to contribute
    Please provide bank account details

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    Andy Ooi

    Kindly contact me if you need more financial assistance. My number 019 4491368 . Andy BLIA Kampar Branch

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    Danny Khaw

    I would like to donate. Please advise how can I do it

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    Danny Khaw Chin huat

    Please buy him a good bed with the extra money that has been donated with extra cash allowance

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    Wendy Soong

    Renovation Project

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    Painting RM500 is seriously under-budget! “Cleaning trees” for RM2,200 is rather overpriced! Please install some wall shelves or get metal racks and stand them on bricks so that they don’t rosak when banjir. Don’t buy wooden cabinets. All tables and chairs should have metal or plastic legs. Don’t get a sofa, it will be ruined by floods. Get him a kelambu from DIY or Shopee. Renovate the toilet and install a seated toilet, or get him one of those toilet seat chairs from the pharmacy to put over the squat toilet. But not so nice to use lah. Get him some medicines to cuci luka. If he can keep it clean every day, it would heal faster.

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    Please also install grab bars in the toilet to help him get up.

  9. Great Heart

    Great Heart

    Updates from Great Heart Charity:

    We are BLOWN AWAY by the public’s support for Tew Ah Kaw, we have raised enough funds online to renovate Ah Kaw’s home!
    Aside from our online fundraiser, the many people that have reached out to us via email and messages have helped us raise DOUBLE the amount needed, which means that Ah Kaw and other beneficiaries will be well taken care of this lockdown!

    We have also enrolled Uncle Kaw as one of our beneficiaries for Grocery for the Urban, which we will be giving groceries to him every 2 weeks. Once again, thank you all for yoru support!

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