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You & Me: Gracious Giving

“Gracious Giving” is an event that is held by UOW Malaysia KDU students under the GSR subject. Throughout this event, we will also be partnering up with the Great Heart Charity Association. Our aim is to raise funds of RM 1,500.00, which will allow us to purchase medical items such as Lactul Solutions and Enema for Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah.


Every little bit counts. Together, let’s bring joy to the children.


Fundraising Period: 7 March 2023 to 17 March 2023

Fundraising Target: RM 1,500.00



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You & Me: Online Fundraising by Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS)

Service Pillar of Golden Key Society (GKS) Multimedia University Melaka Campus are currently collaborating with Great Heart Charity Association Malaysia to organise an online fundraiser. The aim of this online fundraiser is to raise funds to help six main targets which includes Dialysis Patients, Orphanage Homes, Old Folks, OKU/PWD, Indigenous and Underprivileged Families. Through this collaboration, Service Pillar of Golden Key Society Multimedia University hopes to cultivate the charitable act of giving in the hearts of each individual participating in our fundraising events.


Fundraising Date: 6 June 2022 to 6 July 2022
Fundraising Target: RM1,000
For any inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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You & Me: The Good Acts

We are a group of students from School of Hospitality who are conducting a fundraising for the 6 main caring targets of the Great Heart Charity Association. The 6 main caring targets consist of OKU, Dialysis Patient, Orphanage Home, Old Folks, Orang Asli & Underprivileged Families. We believe that it is our job to do our best to be there for those who are not able to lend a hand for themselves and help those in need by doing fundraising.
Fundraising Date: 15th Feb 2022 – 1st  March 2022 
Fundraising Target: RM1000 (Achieved on 16th February 2022)
New Fundraising Target: RM4000
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圆在中秋 | Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

[圆在中秋] is the capstone event by Great Heart’s Volunteer Training Program (VTP) 5.0 participants. This event, held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, aims to not only spread cheer by celebrating the festival with underprivileged children, but to also help their families in these tough times.

The one-day event, held at our community centre, will see games and other fun activities conducted by VTP5.0 volunteers for children aged 5-16. Their families –beneficiaries of Great Heart Community Centre– will also be given grocery care packs worth RM100 each.

Funding required: RM3,000