Ms. Lee Pei Teng是一名优秀的学士等级电脑技术人员,然而2011年的一次意外失足由三楼跌往二楼,后脑和脊椎骨严重创伤导致瘫痪,改变了她的一生。

她曾在中央医院接受治疗,也受过中医针灸治疗但身体状况始终没有多大起色。目前她在Bionice Medicare里接收着医生小针刀的治疗。


耕心慈善给予 Ms.Lee 每个月RM300的医药费用,为期六个月。耕心慈善邀您帮助Ms. Lee 渡过难关,让一名优秀的学士重新站起来面对更精彩的人生!

Ms. Lee Pei Teng is a bachelor’s degree graduate on computer course. She was raised in a single-parent family by her mother.

Unfortunately, an accident happened where she felt from the third floor to the second floor, she hit her head and vertebral bone and this had lead to paralysis and it changed her life dramatically. After the incident, she used to receive acupuncture treatment from clinic and it was sponsored by Great Heart Charity.

Now, she is currently received another type of treatment in Bionice Medicare. They currently live in the government low cost flat for monthly RM62 and they are relying on SOCSO funding on their expense but it wasn’t enough. Monthly medical expense of approximately Rm300 has leave a huge financial burden to her family.

Great Heart Charity Association will be helping Lee Pei Teng on her medical treatment for Rm300 monthly, Pei Teng told us that her doctor said her physical condition will certainly get a lot better at the end of the year and she is really grateful and hoping more people will support Great Heart Charity on her behalf.