Ms.Pushparani 是一名被丈夫抛弃的妇人,因身体状况不佳无法工作而仅靠教会津贴过活。

Mr.Chelvan 行动不良而四肢肌肉时而僵硬,唯病情稳定。然而他却不轻言放弃,坚持克服困难自力更生并兼职保安管理员来养活自己和孩子。

然而这素未谋面而都遭遇人生苦难的俩人,都被他们的教友 Ms. Theresa 好心以超低租金收留家中同住。耕心慈善赞助RM300于俩人,以获得更好的生活素质提升。

最真挚的感动,源自最暖心的善意。助人为快乐之本,我们又何乐而不为?或许 Ms.Theresa 的如此小小善心援助,是对社会及慈善公益最好的启发。

Pushparani is a widow who had abandoned by her husband due to her sickness. She has serious rheumatism that caused her to have difficulty in daily movement and sleep that lead to unemployment and depression.

When she is all alone last year, kind-hearted Theresa that she knew from church is willing to keep her in her house and only charged her with very low rental of Rm200 monthly, Theresa even buy meal for her occasionally so that she don’t starve herself because she had limited government subsidies.

Besides from Pushparani, Theresa also takes in another OKU with disability, Chelvan who worked part time as security guard. We sincerely appreciate Theresa for her kind heart to be willing to keep unfortunate people with disabilities and we help both of them to pay the rental of Rm300 monthly to reduce their burden.