Peggy Chang has served the Great Heart Charity for about 7 years now! She realizes the importance of giving back in this materialistic world. Spend some time to read Peggy’s take on being charitable.

I chose to spend my time working in an NGO after knowing the importance of spending my precious time towards something meaningful, rather than materialistic fulfillment, is the essence of living a fulfilled and happy life.

The greatest asset of a person is their life experiences. It’s really important how they utilise the knowledge that they have gained to interact with their surroundings.

To me, spending time to seek a solution for a greater purpose in life, such as solving social and environmental issues, is a life well spent. As there is a saying, you want to leave the world a better place than you found it, not worse off.

The greatest lesson that I have learnt over the years is “It’s not about what you take when you leave this world behind, but what you can leave behind that can benefit many generations to come”.

This matches with Great Heart’s mission of making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life, where we believe givers are always the blessed ones and hope to inspire many more people to do the same.


Chang Phay [email protected] – Great Heart Secretary

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