Jeff has spent almost a year now in charity work at GHCA. He has seen lots of underprivileged families struggling for a living throughout his journey in charity work. Read his story below to know more about how his experience in giving back to the society

I have been with the Great Heart Charity Association for almost a year. I saw a lot of underprivileged families struggle for living throughout my journey in charity work. Some families spend only RM200++ per month on groceries for their entire family of eight which hits me personally.

These underprivileged families are also a caring target for GHCA, and I’m extremely impressed with how GHCA helps these families. The goal of GHCA support is to assist people during a tough time and urge them to self-sustain.

As a result, GHCA will strive to avoid supporting an underprivileged family for a longer duration. GHCA will also try to avoid giving them money directly, instead focusing on the goods they need.

There are many needy families in our society that are not visible to the public and who merely require assistance in their difficult times. We only need to lend a helping hand to get them through their difficult times, and then they will be able to live a better life on their own.


-Jeff Tan, Social Worker Excecutive

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