Joshua Lim is our Assessment Team Leader at Great Heart. Joshua describes that one who involves in humanitarian work must possess the passion for charity, enthusiasm and confidence upon showering good influence on those who are in need. Take a further look at what Joshua has to say about his personal growth from charity work.

As a social worker at Gengxin Charity (Great Heart’s sister NGO) for 5 years, I cherish the Gerik Aboriginal Assistance Trip in 2019 the most!

I remember my first time finding children in the slums up in the mountains. The learning space in one of the aborigines’ homes where the children decided to read books was very narrow and the scene is still vivid in my memory.

And that’s when I thought it is indeed ideal to help this group of children to build a learning center! One year later, we succeeded in expanding an open space to an establishment of a spacious learning center.

It was really emotional and I felt so satisfied watching the aboriginal teachers and children having fun learning sessions in the space that we have created from our hard-work. All I wish for is to provide the aborigines “an equal opportunity” in education.

Personally, I learned the importance of having the passion for charity, being enthusiastic and confident as a social worker in order to shed some good influence on those in need which helps me to continue my journey in charitable work.

I learned that though people come from poor backgrounds, it does not mean that all people will fail. We may not be rich but it’s important to invest in our thoughts which will bring great difference in our life.

Throughout my journey as a social worker, I understood the value of “empathy” more and started to think from the perspective of others!


– Joshua Lim – Great Heart Assessment Team Leader

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