Mrs.Kalaivahni, an inspiring single mother took on the responsibility as the breadwinner to provide for her small family. Read more on how Kalaivahni took a turning point in her life as a home caterer! 

Mrs Kalaivahni is a home caterer who sells the nasi lemak, bihun, kuih muih and indian biscuit to church weekly, and earning approximately RM800.00 monthly. However, Kalaivahni needed to buy 5 to 6 Pediasure milk and 8-10 Tena drypers for Dayanidhi, her son that is suffering from cerebral palsy. She also needs to raise another 2 children, both aged 9 and 11 years old on her own.

GHCA took the initiative and had collaborated with another private charity to support Dayanidhi with a total of 8 packs of Tena drypers, and 5 tins of Pediasure milk monthly from March 2017 to February 2020, which we had stopped supporting, as Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang (HTAR) will continue to provide the milk and drypers starting March 2020. Great Heart also sponsored her with one-time subsidy of RM1073.30 for the purchase of new oven as her previous one was spoilt.

Besides from selling nasi lemak, bihun, kuih muih, Kalaivahni also sells biscuits like Muruku, Almond London, Semperit, chocolate tart, chocolate rice ball, jam tart, Mazola, red velvet, choco chips, Chuttu Urundai, Nei Urundau and Kelti Urundai. Each bottle of cookies’ prices ranged from RM18 to RM30 depending on the size of the bottle. Customer who are interested or wishes to support her business may pre-order from Mrs Kalaivahni (Phone number: 018-2446107) and collect from her house in Klang.

One of our volunteer that work on Mrs.Kalaivahni case, Tan stated, “Her love for her children is immense, me and my family learnt a lot from her unconditional love towards her children, and I am thankful towards GHCA for giving me an opportunity to contribute to the society.”

GHCA looks forward to seeing Mrs.Kalaivahni and her family to lead a better life with her small business, and with support from everyone to help ease her burden.

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