Roshaizan, an inspiring cancer survivor that never loses hope, in order to make life better for his small family.

Roshaizan is a cancer survivor. He is living with his wife and 2 children who are still in school. He used to work as a bus driver but after he was diagnosed with stage 3 intestine cancer, he stopped but still worked as a freelance grab driver. However, after starting his chemotherapy few years ago, he was forced to stop working completely. His wife used to work as a babysitter earning RM600 monthly and they relied on RM400 subisdy monthly from Zakat but it is still not enough to cover their monthly expenses.

GHCA noticed Roshaizan and his wife were doing the nasi lemak home delivery business but they do not have enough modal to expand their business and earn more profit. GHCA then decided to support Mr Roshaizan in business grocery purchasing of RM300 monthly for one year starting from Oct 2020 to Sept 2021. In the same time, we encourage Mr Roshaizan to find more ways to sell his nasi lemak by opening/renting a stall outside. During this one year of sponsorship from GH, Mr Roshaizan had successfully registered a stall in Pasar Moden Subang Jaya SS15 with the monthly rental as low as RM150 from the government. However, this time he needs more business equipment such as fridge, blender, business banner to put in the stall, and all sorts of ingredients like rice, oil, onion and others to start up his nasi lemak business in the Pasar Moden.

One of our volunteer that work on Roshaizan case, Joshua stated, “Roshaizan is very strong and never easily accepted his life condition without fighting for it, he works hard to change and never let his difficulties stop him from achieving more for his family.”

Mr Roshaizan is currently operating his nasi lemak stall in Pasar Moden Subang Jaya SS15. The address is at Jalan SS 15/8a, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. He is working from Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 5pm. If you wish to support Roshaizan, you may give him a call at 017-5881048 or visit his stall directly.

GHCA looks forward to seeing Roshaizan and his family to lead a better life with his small business, and with support from everyone to help ease his burden.

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