Mr.Azizi, is a role model to his family and takes good care of his family while working hard to improve his family situation. 

Mr Azizi is married to Mdm Rohaya, 48, and the couple has two children. They all live in a “kampung house” in the Gombak neighbourhood. Mr.Azizi used to run a burger stand near their house, earning around RM1000 per month. Mdm Rohaya used to work as a babysitter, earning an additional RM1000 per month. During MCO 1.0, however, they lost all of their sources of income. During the three months of MCO 1.0, Mr Azizi was not permitted to operate his burger stand. They intended to restart their burger stall business after MCO 1.0, which is in July 2020, but they couldn’t find enough capital money to do so because they don’t have enough money to buy the burger bun, meat, sauce, and egg that are required for the business.

GHCA has decided to assist them in purchasing business ingredients for a period of six months, from July 2020 to December 2020, with a monthly contribution of RM300. The ingredients for the business include the bun, chilli sauce, packaging plastic, ramli frozen burger, eggs, sauce, and others. GHCA also created a burger stall banner for Encik Azizi in September 2020 to help him promote his burger business and attract more customers from the roadside to purchase his burger.

One of our volunteer that work on Mr.Azizi’s case,Terry mentioned, “I really like Encik Azizi as I can feel his serious attitude to manage his burger business, and all the money he earned, goes to his family. He shows a good role model on how to be a good father and being the breadwinner for the family.”

Mr.Azizi’s burger business operates nearby Batu 8 1/4, Gombak Utara, 53100, Kuala Lumpur. He operates roughly 5 days a week, from 6pm to 12am. His contact number is 010-666 3508.

GHCA looks forward to seeing Mr.Azizi and his family to lead a better life with his small business, and with support from everyone to help ease his burden.

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