Siti Mafuzah, never stops being motivated and works extra hard, with every initiative to support her family. 

Pn. Siti Mafuzah is a married woman with four children (16, 14, 8, and three years old). Her husband is a factory worker who earns RM1200 per month. She used to be a night market hawker and a school bus driver, but she was forced to quit during MCO 1.0. She then intended to start a “tudung manik” business. She has connections to a friend who owns a boutique shop, who ordered a total of 300 pieces of “tudung manik” from her due to her prior experience working at the night market. However, she lacked the funds to purchase the fabric and bead materials required to make the “tudung manik,” which cost RM3,750. Thus, with the only RM1250 capital on her hands, she had no choice but to ask for support of RM2,500 business start-up capital from GHCA.

After receiving an RM2,500 one-time subsidy from GHCA for her “tudung manik” business materials in May 2021, she earned a net profit of RM7,500 after deducting the cost. She then continued to grow her business by selling it to a few different boutiques through the Shopee platform. Currently, she can earn a net profit of about RM75 per week, which equates to RM300 per month.

“The first impression I had about Pn. Siti Mafuzah was her being a very honest person as she was being really transparent to us the first time we met, about her condition and plans to start-up her “tudung manik” business. She has a very great attitude and takes initiatives to find ways to support her business. Hence, she pleaded GHCA’s support on the business modal, which was the main challenge she faced. Her actions and attitude made me believe that she has the potential to start-up her business successfully. Thus, I am happy to see that she successfully built up her business, and hopefully this could help her better self-sustain in the long term.” stated by Volunteer Tham.

Siti Mafuzah currently runs a home-sewing business and her tudung manik, children clothes and many more. Should anyone wish to support Siti Mafuzah, you may contact her at 011-37561245.

GHCA looks forward to seeing Siti Mafuzah and his family to lead a better life with his small business, and with support from everyone to help ease his burden.

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