Don’t let the things that happen to you get you down.

This is a quote that our beneficiary, 48-year-old Bibi Suzana, holds tightly to. A wife with two children and one grandchild, Bibi was a storekeeper at Tesco until she was met with a sudden stroke. Not only did she lose the ability to walk, but she also lost her source of income as she had to be on medical leave for months. As the breadwinner of the family, this affected everyone at home. Her stay-at-home husband looks after their son who is a slow learner, along with their daughter’s child as she had just started working.

Great Heart Charity Association decided to step in by providing finances over three months along with buying groceries for the family. With our social worker’s support, along with the help of her family members, Bibi has began to recover and can walk now. Bibi’s husband now sells pisang goreng and earns about RM60-80 daily.

Bibi’s strength and motivation to recover is an inspiration to us all to never give up. Syahirah, Great Heart’s social worker, was reminded by Bibi’s story to be strong and face challenges in life head on!

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