Ms. Azirah 是一位患有肺炎的单亲妈妈,行动缓慢容易气喘而日常起居需要有人照顾。独生子是家里的唯一经济支柱,为了照顾她而只能兼职司机,其余只能靠政府的补助金过活。在耕心慈善的协调帮助下, 特别感谢 Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia 捐赠了一张轮椅供Ms. Azirah 使用,让她的肺炎气喘医疗获得更大的改善,不再为了行动而气喘吁吁。

Azirah is a single mother who suffered from lung inflammation, and she could only walk for a very limited distance because she has asthma and she needs to be taken care by her son most of the time.Government welfare association has helped her on her rental payment monthly and she relied on her only son to support her daily expense in foods and groceries. Her son worked as a driver for foreign worker and only earned a thousand ringgits a month. Her child needed to take care of her most of the time and thus cannot commit to full time job.

However, Azirah is in urgent need of a wheelchair because she cannot walked to hospital for treatment due to asthma. Great Heart Charity Social worker decided to find a wheelchair donor for her and we found Persatuan Kebajikan Terencat Akal Kanak-kanak who are willing to donate to us. When we handed the wheelchair to Azirah’s, they are pleased and grateful that it will be more convenient for her son to push her to hospital using wheelchair from now on.