Ms. Ng 是一位长期饱受病魔纠缠的洗肾病患者,也是耕心1年前的洗肾支助受惠人士。1年后的今天,她的家人再次申请援助。但只不过短短的1年期间,她的变化让社工们在探访期间即惊讶也很心疼!她变得非常弱小无力,憔悴。

原来这一年来,孩子很努力让水深火热的生活有所改变,但经济不景气,孩子渐渐承担不起每次的费用。无奈只有钱才让妈妈洗肾,经济压力让她不能不按时洗肾,身体情况每况愈下。他的两个孩子做工(建筑散工和批发零件)平均每个人才RM1500 左右。


耕心慈善协会决定再次援助 Ms. Ng 每月RM720的洗肾费用,为期半年。耕心慈善真心希望大家看到他们家庭所面对的困境,伸出援手。

Ng Pik Nyun, a dialysis patient who suffered from kidney disease for more than 1 year. She used to take the Great Heart dialysis aid for 6 months period and then after one year, her physical changes makes the Great Heart social worker felt surprised and distressed as she becomes very weak.

After the assessment, we find out that her children finds it very difficult to afford the dialysis cost because both of her children worked as construction worker and accessories wholesale, and they only getting an average of Rm1500 or so.

Pik Nyun told the person-in-charge of the dialysis centre to stop her dialysis to reduce her children’s burden but this could lead to devastating result to her physical condition, and this really breaks the social worker’s heart that how much Pik Nyun had suffered!

Great Heart Charity Association decided to assist Ng pik nyun for a monthly dialysis subsidies of RM720 for a period of six months. We sincerely hoped more people can support us into helping Pik Nyun to regain her health like last year.