Ahmad Zawawee fondly known as Awie shared how he was inspired to indulge in charity activities right from his high-school. As the eldest son to his parents, he looked up to his parents and their words of encouragement to help others in need!

I come from a B40 family. My mother worked at a hospital for the government, while my father worked as a machine operator at a rice mill. I recall that our only asset at the time was a bicycle. Before my father goes to work, he will send me and my sibling to kindergarten on his old bicycle.

Even though we were poor at the time, my parents were always willing to help those in need. They offered assistance in the form of manpower and money to individuals in need. My parents used to say to us siblings, “If you all believe we’re poor, remember there are still other unlucky families who are poorer than us, so be good to them, help them with what you have, and Allah/ God will replace us.”

My parents encouraged my siblings and me to study. They believed that education was the key to changing our lives in the future. The most memorable moments that inspired me to do charity work occurred during my secondary school years.

During my SPM, I was accepted to attend Yayasan Al Bukhary’s free tuition class and receive free reference books. By participating in that, I was able to supplement my SPM preparation.

I told myself that when I’m wealthy, I’d like to give the same help to those in need, particularly in the education sector. But, God had other plans which were far better. I was destined to work with the Great Heart Charity Association since February 2018 till now.

Thus, there is no need for me to wait until I am wealthy to assist those in need; instead, I can help through GHCA to provide the best possible assistance to those in need by ensuring all the benefits are provided timely.


-Ahmad Zawawee, Great Heart Accountant

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