Tan Mew Wai has been an Event Team Leader at Great Heart for more than 5 years and has met a variety of people during her time here. Discover more about her remarkable experience and how she views charitable work in her story below.

I’ve been a member of Great Heart since 2016, and I chose charity work because I want to help people who are less fortunate.

For me, the most memorable experience in Great Heart was my first visit and assessment of a paralyzed lady. She was a master’s degree-holding engineer when she fell down the stairs and became paralyzed. She has already lost all of her mobility, as well as her bright future.

I then realized how fortunate we are to have a healthy body with which to enjoy life in our own way. Because we have no idea what will happen the next day. The most crucial consideration is how we live our lives without regret.

Along my journey in Great Heart, I met a lot of people like volunteers, beneficiaries, sponsors, partners, students, and social workers who offered me a lot of information about their techniques, motivation, thoughts, and philosophy when they presented their charity work.

They taught me that there is no perfect way to carry out charity, but that there is always a boundary and a set of rules that we need to follow and respect our recipients and community. Teamwork, respect, listening, and sharing have all contributed to my professional development.

Listening is essential, especially as a social worker, in order to understand the needs and challenges of beneficiaries. Sharing is a way for us to convey goodwill and instill positive attitudes and beliefs in those around us.


– Tan Mew Wai, Event Team Leader

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