Oliver Ong is one of our current interns at Great Heart. Oliver believes in being selfless and puts the welfare of others before one’s own. Every volunteer has an integral role to play and therefore, Oliver has taken the time to reflect about his time at GH.

As an intern at Great Heart for the past three months, I realized that there are still more things for me to discover every day. I remember during my first week at Great Heart, I got invited to join a charity event in Malacca. The event is called Hari Komuniti where Great Heart staff will distribute groceries to the poor families who live in PPR homes. It was a meaningful event to me as we were able to help the poor to battle their financial hardship during this pandemic and provide further aid to the needy.

I have always believed that altruism should be nurtured by everybody from an early age because there is always a person, animal or environment that will need our help and the experiences of these kind acts are what make us unique. And, it is never too late to do some good.

One thing I have learned through charitable work is that there is always a reason behind every action made and whether the world will or will not be a better place is all dependent on our reactions.

Lastly, I would like to say that charitable work has made me unknowingly grow a lot in terms of mentally and morally. As the saying goes, life has no limitations, except the ones you make.


– Oliver Ong, Great Heart Intern

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