Lim is really an independent girl. Since the ages of 13, she started to work as a waitress in hawker center and bah kut teh restaurant. The reason she needs to work is because she needed to cover her own living expense, and the transportation fee to school.
During the assessment, she insisted she is going to work while studying high school. One of the kind-hearted employer has employed her as an office clerk with the salary of RM800. Another kind-hearted landlord has given her low rental of Rm250 monthly for her room accommodation.
Great Heart Charity will be sponsoring Lim RM250 rental every month and school transportation fee of RM80 that lasted for half year. However, we needed more helping hand to help Lim Xin Ying until she graduated her high school in 2 years’ time.

“ 当我老了,心酸谁知道…..”

Tan Hock Chuan used to be working as a welder in iron factory with his Rm2000 salary. However, when he gets older, he started to lose his strength and then unable to work there anymore. He has been unemployed for few months due to his weak physical condition. Fortunately in March, he get a new job as a security guard in Econmart with Rm1000 salary. Great Heart Charity has helped Tan’s family in her rental debt (Rm1250) and groceries for them in March so their kids aren’t starving, and Rm250 rental support for April and May 2017 As a token of appreciation, Mei Fong helped us to clean the Great Heart community centre. However, they still needed at least Rm250 rental support every month because their living expense is huge with 3 kids.


Lau Chai Fook, 72 year old. He was married with no children and he lives together with his wife. Due to the citizen registration problem in the 60’s, his red identity card makes him could not apply the benefits for Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia and he needs to pay for huge medical costs even if admitted into government hospital. Therefore, he just use the medicine temporarily to control his heart ailment.Lao Chai Fook’s foot is not in a good condition and needed to rely on stick for walking. His wife has eyes problem and unable to work as well. They only can rely on their brothers and sisters for the groceries help.Great Heart Charity has been funded 6 months rental fee for Lau Chai Fook and it will be stopping soon.


Mr. Jawed Gul Ahmad families are the refugees that comes to Malaysia for peace and safety. They are forced to leave their home and work in Malaysia, he and his brother-in-law needed to suport his whole family by working as the part-time waiter in the restaurant with the salary of Rm2000 combined. Great Heart Charity will be helping Jawed family of grocery support of Rm300 monthly for six month. However, they hoped the more people can donate to Great Heart in order to support them for longer period so the children will never starve again.

“收入微薄的年迈割胶工人,庞大医疗费成噩梦 ”

62-years-old Yellaiah was a rubber worker with 23 years of experience before he suffered from kidney failure and become unemployed. His utilized his EPF completely at the age of 55 for his house and kidney dialysis payment. Unfortunately, his right eye has become impaired since 1984, and his left eye even began to have blurred vision since 2 months ago and he is anxious about this. Great Heart Charity will be helping Yellaiah for six months in the dialysis aid of Rm720. However, they still needed more support from the public as their dialysis expense of Rm2000 above monthly has suffocating them tremendously.

“再穷不能穷教育, 再苦不能苦孩子!”

As a house wife, 42-years old Gan Poh Hong took up the responsibilities to take care of her sick mother, and six young kids of her own. Although she holds no responsibility to an abandoned infant, she cannot help but to adopt this precious life into her family too. This family of ten is sustaining their life with monthly income of RM3000 from her husband. They often satisfy their hunger with merely instant noodles so that they could save more money for education. To add on to her pitiful situation, one of her children, Joe Ze, was identified with learning disabilities and she couldn’t attend usual classes in school. Great Heart Charity Association decided to help by providing RM300 tuition fees for Joe Ze’s special education for 6 months. Besides, a Good Samaritan willing to privately assist them in food for 6 months. However, putting aside the education fees and meals, Gan is also struggling to pay for medical fees for her mother and other family expenses.

“ 生活再艰巨,我都不会低头!”

Sharon is a single mother who lives in the low cost housing area nearby Bukit Jalil. Her husband passed away on 2016 and she is forced to carry the financial burden on her own. She only worked part time as the house cleaner and it is extremely difficult for her to pay the bills by working more because she needs to take care 5 of her children as well. Thus she sent 2 of her older children for her relatives to take care. However, she still needs to take care of her parents who are OKU and having lungs infection. Sharon’s family really needs the help from public to purchase groceries for them, for the kids to not be starving. Great Heart Charity has helped for 6 months of groceries that lead to improvement, and we hope more people can help Sharon by donating to us.

贫困教友收留家中 善心就是最大支持

Pushparani is a widow who had abandoned by her husband due to her sickness. She has serious rheumatism that caused her to have difficulty in daily movement and sleep that lead to unemployment and depression. When she is all alone last year, kind-hearted Theresa that she knew from church is willing to keep her in her house and only charged her with very low rental of Rm200 monthly, Theresa even buy meal for her occasionally so that she don’t starve herself because she had limited government subsidies. We sincerely appreciate Theresa for her kind heart to be willing to keep unfortunate people with disabilities and we help both of them to pay the rental of Rm300 monthly to reduce their burden.


Ng Pik Nyun, a dialysis patient who suffered from kidney disease for more than 1 year. She used to take the Great Heart dialysis aid for 6 months period and then after one year, her physical changes makes the Great Heart social worker felt surprised and distressed as she becomes very weak. Great Heart Charity Association decided to assist Ng pik nyun for a monthly dialysis subsidies of RM720 for a period of six months. We sincerely hoped more people can support us into helping Pik Nyun to regain her health like last year.


Ms.Parames is a single Indian mother who earned a tiny income by helping people sew clothes and home cleaning when her husband abandoned her 3 years ago with no financial support. She only earned Rm5 as profit in her home sewing business and Rm20 for home cleaning in 2 hours. During the afternoon, she has to come back from work and take care of her children with Down syndrome. er mother is very pleased that we are willing to help her RM150 to buy daily necessities for a period of 6 months, but seeing as the six-month period is going to end on June 2017, she is really worried about it and she hoped more people can help her out through donating to Great Heart.