The once-a-year Great Heart 2D1N Teambuilding was here again! Last weekend, 24 Great Heart staffs, members and volunteers joined the fun and interesting team building. This time round the organizers brought us on an explorace around Selangor to find clues to our campsite location. Throughout the treasure hunt, participants learnt about the importance of team work and discovering new sides of different cities while completing each task. In the campsite FRIM, everyone helped each other to pitch up the tents. It was a good learning experience about trees when participants went on a night walk after the rain. Many left with love bites from the leeches which was an unforgettable experience.

孩子患脑性麻痹 母亲苦不堪言

Dayanidhi is a 11 years old kid who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is only taken care by her mother, Kalaivahni and her neighbors. He is unable to walk, speak and express himself and he really needed Rm350 to buy a single mattress, the price is more expensive than usual because Dayanidhi doesn’t know how to express himself when his back get heated by lying on bed for the long time and he needed a good quality single mattress to prevent overheat. Great Heart Charity will be helping Dayanidhi for two Pediasure milk monthly for six months with additional 1 milk from a kind donor. However, they still needed the help from public to sponsor her kid in pampers and more Pediasure milk, and the single mattress for Dayanidhi.

十年肾病医疗费 一家经济苦难熬

Mayakrishnan is a long term dialysis patient. He has been in dialysis treatment for 10 years. Fortunately, he is still in good health and able to travel to dialysis centre by motorcycle. He has three daughters and a son, but his married daughters seldom pay a visit or provide him with allowance. Depending on side income from his 63 years old wife and over time allowance from his son, his treatment cost is hardly covered. He is still required to pay for RM780 after subsidization from the government. To reduce the burden of his son and wife, Great Heart is providing RM360 subsidization on his dialysis treatment for 6 months. Mayakrishnan hopes that kind souls can help his family by donating funds to him through Great Heart.

舅舅失业患肾病 侄女收养尽孝心

Gan Ken Hwa has been undergoing dialysis treatment in St John Klang haemodialysis centre since two years ago. His dialysis cost was mainly sustained by Perkeso and he needs to rely on the financial support from his sister and niece on daily expense and a portion of dialysis cost that aren’t getting subsidies. As time goes by, it became harder for his family to afford all the expenses and now they are no longer able to support his dialysis treatment cost.

原住民关爱计划- 关丹珍尼湖

Villagers here tend to skip their meals if they couldn’t afford it. Starving has been a usual thing to them,” commented Mr. Frank, who is a regular volunteer in charge of event arrangement for the villagers there. . On 6 July, Erican College Psychology Club, and Dr. Mohd Hasnor from IIUM Medical Centre, volunteered to work with Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) on the occasion of the Medical Check-up for Orang Asli Settlement at Tasik Chini, Pahang.


日前耕心慈善与巴生后尾芭慈竹庙联办的一场‘布施贫老’活动。活动设有免费餐点和日用品派送于社会的弱势群体,并以乐龄人士为主要受惠群体。 . 义工们搀扶着老人家们安顿就坐,并递上一包包的日常用品赠送礼袋,老人家们都开怀欢心而整场活动温馨又感动。慈善活动不仅散播着爱的种子,更是传递道德教育的榜样。慈竹庙今年正是聚集了一群懂得为社会公益发声,为慈善出力的有为年轻人和义工。 . 后尾芭慈竹庙苗主表示:“希望能够透过此次活动的影响和日用品的捐赠,将物品赠送至不同地区的清寒人士。我们也希望能够透过此举动,影响更多有能力的人能够为社会多尽一份绵薄之力。” . 再次感谢后尾芭慈竹庙,携手与耕心慈善“传达关心,爱在耕心”。

拖欠洗肾费用一年 老妪感慨女儿无奈

Gnaneswary (73 years old) lived with her only daughter and her son-in-law who worked as a taxi driver 10 years ago. He has been retired cause he is 68 years old and is too old to work. Gnaneswary’s daughter is taking care of her own mother daily routine everyday cause she is an OKU and needs to rely on the wheelchair. Great Heart Charity will be helping Gnaneswary for 6 months straight with monthly dialysis of Rm360, she hoped more people can donate to Great Heart to support her cause.

十年间家庭剧变 老母亲彷徨无助

Ms.Thoo Fong Ming is a 61-year-old patient with kidney failure. When she is 50, her husband passed away and it makes her really upset and grief that she had lost her partner, her son has abandoned the family and leave the house without any financial or emotional support to her own mother. Her daughter has polio disease and unemployed. Fortunately, her son-in-law never reluctant to hold up the whole family financially with his job as air-conditional specialist, but his monthly salary of Rm2600 is not sufficient to cover the family daily expense and his mother-in-law monthly dialysis expense of nearly Rm2000. Great Heart Charity will be helping them 6 months of Rm720 dialysis subsidies. Show your support by donating to Great Heart to help Fong Ming.


Ledchumanan is a 63-year-old patient with kidney disease because he is too old to get subsidies from Perkeso. He needs to pay Rm1800 in his dialysis cost monthly and this is such a huge financial burden to his three children. His eldest son needed to pay the rental and groceries for his parents, while the second son need to pay the monthly installment of his parents transport to the dialysis centre, and the youngest son needed to pay the full dialysis cost of Rm1800 with his monthly average salary of Rm2300. Almost 75% of his salary goes directly to the dialysis centre just for his father sake.