Global EDU Training Centre, ASEAN Culinary Academy, ASEAN Hospitality and Tourism College

Great Heart Charity Association has recently conducted “You and Me Educational Program” sharing session in three Culinary institutions: Global EDU Training Centre (Klang), ASEAN Culinary Academy (Setia Alam) and ASEAN Hospitality and Tourism College (Morib). A total of 180 students have participated in the session and actively shared their opinions on “What charity means to you” and charity works. Understanding their strength and ability, most of them offered to contribute to charity with their culinary skills apart from contributing in terms of time and monetary support.


Ng Pik Nyun, a dialysis patient who suffered from kidney disease for more than 1 year. She used to take the Great Heart dialysis aid for 6 months period and then after one year, her physical changes makes the Great Heart social worker felt surprised and distressed as she becomes very weak. Great Heart Charity Association decided to assist Ng pik nyun for a monthly dialysis subsidies of RM720 for a period of six months. We sincerely hoped more people can support us into helping Pik Nyun to regain her health like last year.


Ms.Parames is a single Indian mother who earned a tiny income by helping people sew clothes and home cleaning when her husband abandoned her 3 years ago with no financial support. She only earned Rm5 as profit in her home sewing business and Rm20 for home cleaning in 2 hours. During the afternoon, she has to come back from work and take care of her children with Down syndrome. er mother is very pleased that we are willing to help her RM150 to buy daily necessities for a period of 6 months, but seeing as the six-month period is going to end on June 2017, she is really worried about it and she hoped more people can help her out through donating to Great Heart.

23名地球战士 Botanic Garden Butterfly Park

23 Earth Warriors presented themselves at Botanic Garden Butterfly Park in early May to clean up the park and to provide a cleaner and healthier recreational park to the community.
It aims to promote awareness on environmental cleanliness and protection to the public. Rubbish collection may looks simple and insignificant in one’s eyes, yet being part of the contribution matters and encourages the social inclusiveness.

只要不放弃 生活充满希望

32-year-old male, suffered from high blood pressure and kidney disease. Due to the deficiency of red blood cells that leads to anaemia, he needs dialysis treatments and injections two times each week to increase his haemoglobin level, and once a month he needs an extra injection that cost (around Rm1000). His job as insurance sales is only giving him a tiny salary (Rm700), thus he leads a very frugal life. Fortunately, he is eligible for government assistance which covers part of the dialysis and costs of injections, but he still needed to pay part of the injection costs. His physical condition is very much improved now compared to year 2016.Great Heart Charity has helped Liew Tzer Gio on his dialysis funding of Rm720 monthly starting from January 2015 to April 2017 during his difficult transition period in life.


The once-a-year Great Heart 2D1N Teambuilding was here again! Last weekend, 24 Great Heart staffs, members and volunteers joined the fun and interesting team building. This time round the organizers brought us on an explorace around Selangor to find clues to our campsite location. Throughout the treasure hunt, participants learnt about the importance of team work and discovering new sides of different cities while completing each task. In the campsite FRIM, everyone helped each other to pitch up the tents. It was a good learning experience about trees when participants went on a night walk after the rain. Many left with love bites from the leeches which was an unforgettable experience.

孩子患脑性麻痹 母亲苦不堪言

Dayanidhi is a 11 years old kid who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is only taken care by her mother, Kalaivahni and her neighbors. He is unable to walk, speak and express himself and he really needed Rm350 to buy a single mattress, the price is more expensive than usual because Dayanidhi doesn’t know how to express himself when his back get heated by lying on bed for the long time and he needed a good quality single mattress to prevent overheat. Great Heart Charity will be helping Dayanidhi for two Pediasure milk monthly for six months with additional 1 milk from a kind donor. However, they still needed the help from public to sponsor her kid in pampers and more Pediasure milk, and the single mattress for Dayanidhi.

十年肾病医疗费 一家经济苦难熬

Mayakrishnan is a long term dialysis patient. He has been in dialysis treatment for 10 years. Fortunately, he is still in good health and able to travel to dialysis centre by motorcycle. He has three daughters and a son, but his married daughters seldom pay a visit or provide him with allowance. Depending on side income from his 63 years old wife and over time allowance from his son, his treatment cost is hardly covered. He is still required to pay for RM780 after subsidization from the government. To reduce the burden of his son and wife, Great Heart is providing RM360 subsidization on his dialysis treatment for 6 months. Mayakrishnan hopes that kind souls can help his family by donating funds to him through Great Heart.